Thursday, August 19, 2010

8th Avenue At The Fort And My 37th Wedding Anniversary

When the Ultra Oval Track was closed for public usage for the early morning hours daily (4am-9am) last 09Aug10, I had no alternative but revert to my good old reliable Fort Bonifacio streets considering the closure of Ultra will be until December 2010.

For training and exercise purposes, the streets of Fort Bonifacio it is of no doubt a favorite venue to most metro runners considering that the place is safe to any early morning runner and that the quality of air in the streets is quite fresh, carbon dioxide free as the vehicular traffic in the area is not saturated. Further and of primary importance is SAFETY. Runners are assured of road safety and undesirable elements of the society as practically every corner has a stationary or roving traffic/security personnel.

Of lately, a new route that is becoming popular to early morning runners/joggers/walkers at Fort Bonifacio is at the 8TH AVENUE starting from the 32nd Street at the LEXUS SHOWROOM all the way to just before the KALAYAAN Gate of Fort Bonifacio. The street was just completed and is a 6 lane wide road, newly asphalted and is still closed to traffic, as such, is becoming very popular to runners being free from traffic and the air quality being fresh. One single loop is 1.50km as measured from my Garmin 405. You can either limit yourself within 8th Avenue and do as much loop as you deem required to meet your mileage or when you get tired of the scenery you may want to exit and proceed to the usual routes in Fort Bonifacio and return to 8th Avenue to have a diversified route that will suite your personal needs.

One minor disadvantage of the area is that from 4:00am to 5:30am (while still dark) the streetlights are not working so you will have to make do of whatever natural lighting there is, although it is quite acceptable. The plus factor of the area are SAFETY, soft asphalt road, fresh air and a good number of other runners to motivate you during your run.

Meantime, I herewith share with you photos taken of the place;

On another subject, today is a very special day for me as it is my 37th wedding anniversary. God I am old! 37 years gave us three children and 3 grandchildren. It seems only like yesterday and I still love my wife HERMIE. I pray that we reach our 50th anniversary still alive and healthy. 

Happy 37th Wedding Anniversary to my wife Hermie........


  1. happy anniversary sir! more anniversaries to come!

  2. Happy anniversary Amado! Man.... your sideburns were longer than Elvis. Run safely.

  3. Happy 37 years of marriage dad! hope i could reach that on too hahahaha

  4. happy anniversary to both of you. how inspiring. Nice photos. :D