Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Heritage Park - Improvised Public Oval / Park

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In my usual weekend long slow runs that take me to Bayani Road at the Fort, a very interesting scene that has gotten my attention is that of at the Heritage Park in Taguig.

The residents of Taguig City just south of C5 road have practically no open spaces to do their running, jogging, walking or even just relax on a park like atmosphere due to congestion in the neighbourhood. However, with the ingenuity of the Filipino people and the kind hearted attitude of the management of The Heritage Park, an improvised oval is now being used by the general public at The Heritage Park along Bayani Road.

The Oval is roughly about 400 meters (same as any official sized oval) that encircles the East and West entry gates of Heritage Park that is crossed in the middle by Bayani Road. To be able to take a complete turn you need to cross Bayani Road twice! Surprisingly, even with the difficulty and hazard the oval imposes, the place has been very popular to local residents. The crowd can run to hundreds at times. Young and old people alike are happy doing their own individual version of a morning exercise. There are families with infants to savour the early morning sunshine. On the side of the improvised oval, you will see vendors selling the famous “taho” , water/sodas, or any other street food. The atmosphere is a park like festive mood with people running on a counter clockwise direction in unison.

My heart is filled with joy wherever I pass this area. You could feel the raw and unadulterated meaning of a morning exercise may it be running, walking, or just plain family bonding. The great about all of these, it does not cost a single peso. You need not worry if your attire is the latest or in fad. You need only to come as you are and what you have.

I wish to congratulate the Management of Heritage Park for allowing such a convergence of people in the morning and late afternoon in their premises. You are doing a great thing for the local residents of Taguig. Your business might be catering for dead, but, certainly you have shown concern and care for the living and not necessarily those that are your clients, but, the public in general.

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