Sunday, September 18, 2011

AXN Runs Philippines - Great Route/Race, Personal Injury, Expensive Parking Fee

The Race Event Sponsor – AXN

AXN is the leading action and adventure cable channel in Asia. AXN is but only one of the six channel brands in the region that is wholly-owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment. The others being Animax, ONE, Sony Entertainment Television, AXN Beyond, and PIX.

The Race Event – AXN Runs Philippines

The race event was held today starting at F.Ortigas Jr. Road at the Origas Business Complex covering 21k/10/5k/3k events. This event’s main attraction is veering from the usual road race venues in MOA, BGC, Diliman, Roxas Boulevard instead shifted to Ortigas Center in Pasig using Julia Vargas Street, C5 and Katipunan Road in Quezon City. The 21k event made use of four flyovers namely Rodriiguez, Ortigas, Santolan, and Katipunan with even a tunnel run at the Santolan-Katipunan Tunnel. Both the 10k and 5k were also very scenic making use of the Ortigas Flyover in C5.

My 10k Experience

This being my first experience to join a race event in Ortigas Center I made time allowance to be able to find a suitable parking area near the starting line. It was not difficult as the organizers provided enough info on where to park giving varied options for participants to select their parking areas. At 5:00am I was already at the starting holding area and was very much surprised that the venue was well glittered by various tents for race support, exhibitors booths and race essential requirements and a big stage with massive sound system. There was great excitement in the air. Although I was only expecting a modest number of participants the actual number was beyond what I expected as there were quite a substantial number of particiapnst for the 21k and 10k (I did not see the start of 5k and 3k). The 21k event was gunned off at 5:30am and followed by the 10k at 05:45am.

My Personal Accident

Barely 0.8km from the starting line along Julia Vargas Street I was taking advantage of the down hill run. While on a careless uncontrolled downhill speed, I accidentally stepped on the REFLECTOR STEEL MECHANISM STUD that are rivetted on the road as lane separators causing me to lose footing and fall on my fours injuring both my hands and my right knee. I immediately stood up and was graciously assisted by three runners and feeling more embarrassed rather than the pain at first, I told the runners that helped me that I am ok and proceed back to my run. After just about a minute back on my run I could feel numbness in my right hand but after assessing my overall feeling decided to proceed with the race.

The Race Support

There were more than sufficient race marshals along the route. In particular I am very much impressed that the organizers were able to get the full cooperation of the MMDA and the Pasig traffic group that you could kind in clusters along major intersections to ensure safety of the runners. The distance along the route were well marked for every kilometer marker with complete directional signs. Along the route, there are even portalet facilities for runners who wishes to relieve themselves. The hydration support for water and sports drinks is well provided (there is even a banana station for the 21k). This race event was diligently prepared and executed and I wish to congratulate AXN the sponsor and the rcae organizer Finishline.

Again I would like to mention that the race route is the best for me that could be made available in metro Manila.  I hope other organizers and race events would make use of Ortigas and C5 route as an alternative to the usual.

I completed my 10k event iunofficially at 01h 115min 52sec. Even with my injury sustained I still am thankful that I did this race.

Race Downside

I have only one negative comment for the race event which is not actually race related but that of the PARKING FEE. I was all smiles driving my van to the exit of the parking lot when I submitted my parking ticket I was asked to pay P100.00 for a 2 hour parking. Usual parking fee in BGC or MOA is only P30.00 and at Ortigas Ruby Prestige Parking I was receipted by Secure Citiparking Philippines Corporation OR 130023618 amounting to P60.00 as Flat rate and OR130023619 as VAT and 12% VAT amounting to P40.00 for a total of P100.00 This was something for the books. What a downer!


  1. sir, kayo pala si mr castro, lagi tayo ngakikita sa funrun smile pansinan, sa moa, sa global. nice to know po, bait nyo. ang ganda rin ng oil painting nyo sir ung nyog at yung palay na may tubig sa gitna parang ilog na maliit. sa susunod sir, takbo tayo 21km, kaya nyo po yan. 21km and 42km na kc ako ngaun sir. alfie landagan

  2. Dear Alfie - Thank you for visiting my blog. Should by any change we meet each other one of theses days please do call my attention so that I may know you. Thank also that you do like my paintings. See you on the road!

  3. Sir text me. my number 09205367038, miss ko na rin kayo.
    Si Milbert ang nanalo sa 5k kaso di inaward ang cash prize sa kanya. hold daw kasi nag malfunction yung chips at wala daw record. kawawa naman yung pobre, nag antay nang matagal tapos walang nakuha.

    Coach Titus Salazar

  4. Sorry to hear about your "minor" running accident/injury Sir Amado. I also experienced that one (but it happened while I was training in the province), both my knees were scraped and it made walking difficult for the next three days.

    Try Contractubex ointment to prevent scars from developing.

    Congrats still!

  5. During major city events where the crowd rushed in....malls and public parks are getting full with visitors, as well as parking spaces are fast getting full. The reason why some parking businesses abuses the needs of the people to have parking space by blowing their rate higher.