Sunday, December 4, 2011

OB Montessori 45th Anniversary - Fun Run

Operation Brotherhood (OB) Montessori is celebrating its 45th year in operation for the year 2011 and to celebrate the occasion the school branches in Greenhills, Sta Ana, Fairview, Las Pinas and Angeles City joined forces for a fun run. The OB Fun Run 45th Anniversary was held today 04Dec11 at Venice Piazza at McKinley Hilles in Taguig City for a 5km,3km and 1.5km fun run with its students, families/friends of students and school faculty and staff.

Today is also a red letter day in running as the 3rd Quenzon City International Marathon also took place. With my youngest son DENNIS being a 1st year high school student in OB Montessori Greenhills, I have but to support my son and his school in its endeavor in running.

I have no high expectation of the OB Fun Run 45 Anniversary as the same is more of a school event and gathering. However, immediately upon arrival at the Venice Piazza in McKinley Hills I was surprised of the preparation and magnitude the school has taken for the event. We arrived at 4:30am and parking was already at snail pace (I will highlight more on the issue of parking later). It was a nice feeling to see on a running event students, parents/friends and school faculty and staff bonding for a running event. The place was filled with a fiesta like atmoshere and you could just feel the energy in the air. I was expecting no more than a handful of participants, but there were a great number of participants. Iam not sure of the exact number but my safe guess would be about 2500 runners from the 60+ (like me) to even as young as 3 years olds)

At 5:48am the 5km was flagged start with the suceeding 3km and 1.5km at 15minutes apart. McKinley hill iunlike other running venues in the city is hilly with stiff ascent and rapid descent in its road characteristics. I joined my son DENNIS and daughter-in-law PAMELA in the 5km event with my son DAX as our support and cheerer. Halfway into my first loop I saw my daughter in law PAMELA already on her way to complete her first loop and about the same time I was also overtaking my son DENNIS.

31min 55sec after the starting gun I crossed the finish line with PAMELA already waiting for me. Pamela won 3rd place in the female category (we didn’t get her exact time) and she won P5000 for the feat. Not bad. My son DENNIS crossed the finish line in 34mins plus. 

Congratulations to PAMELA for her 3rd place finish.

The event, food, booths, entertainment and the overall handling of event was superb and earns my respect to the schools organizers and the technical assistance of RunningMate in handling the race proper itself. To OB Montessori Management it was a successful event and my best wishes for the for the coming years.

Having said the above, I wish now to tackle on a minor but important issue that I have personally witnesed during the event. I have as ever been a strong supporter for equality in life and believe that whatever you teach should be practised. It is about the parking issue. In Venice Piazza the parking areas have an electronic board that do indicate the occupied space and the available space. At 4:30am the electronic board in the Parking Area near the fountain was 1showing 2 slots vacancies, however, the SCHOOL SECURITY not the VENICE PIAZZA SECURITY (who understand they cannot reserve public areas) would not allow entry into the parking area on the reason that the same is already RESERVED for school VIP and FRIENDS. I almost lost my cool and ignored the matter but gave my piece of mind to the head of the SCHOOL SECURITY. The school are teaching students on punctuality, equality, discipline in life and of good character education, but, contrary to such values in life whoever gave the order to provide PRIVELEGE to individuals particularly for the faculty/staff should be ashamed and re-educated that public areas are always on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS. The school even came up with a memo to students to come early to be able to avail of the parking space near the starting line. I have said my piece on this issue and hope that whoever had this bright idea come to his/her sense.

Even with the above complaint, I find the event a success and congratulate OB MONTESSORI on its 45th anniversary.


  1. I love the pics, thanks for sharing ! Congratulations for a great job well done and looking forward always for more updates. It was a fun race and exciting too.

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