Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Mommy

                                                            My mother in her early 30's

It has been quite a while since I have last written and updated my blog, the last being February 5, 2012. This blog I have mainly used for my passion in running and race walking. However, since February I suffered stress fracture on my right foot which has prevented me from joining weekend road races thus finding myself with no subject to write at. I am just about fully recovered now and I am back again in my daily morning workout but have tapered down my weekly distance from 40-45 km/week to 30-35 km/week to allow my body to recoperate. Not getting any younger.

                                                             My mother in her 80's

I am turning 61 this coming May and as much as I could like not to count the number they do tell quite a lot in a man's life. I am veering out from my usual topic on running and would like to dedicate this blog to my mother LEA CASTRO WHELAN. Yes, I still do have a mother! She is turning 83 years old (born March 22, 1921) she may not be that healthy right now but has had a number or series of operations, you name it she had had it. Praise God, she is still alive and is now living in Sydney Australia with her 2nd husband KEITH WHELAN.

My father in his 40's

Last March 15th was my father's AMADO CASTRO SR. 32nd death anniversary (died March 15, 1980) which I would also like to take recognition of what and who I came to be. Unfortunately God did not grant him longer life in this world as he was only 59 years old when he passed away.

But this blog is for my mother, just imagine being 83 years old! She hates me reminding her of the years. You must have out lived 90 percent of your classmates, playmates, friends and contemporaries. Mommy might not be that physically strong right now but she is very strong in character that you will but lose any argument with her under the sun. Sometimes I find her too hard headed and could just see myself in her 20 years from now, that is if I am as God blessed as she has been.

To my mother, I and my wife Hermie, with my children Dax/Pamela, Dawn/Alex and Dennis, together with my grandchildren KC, Maxine and Gaby,  wish you a very Happy Birthday and we contineously pray for healing and good health. We love you Mommy.

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