Friday, March 5, 2010

2nd BDM 102 - Carbo Loading And Race Orientation

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10:30am on 4Mar10 I received a phone call from Gen.Jovinal Narcise aka BALD RUNNER inviting me to attend on the same day at 6pm the CARBO LOADING PARTY and RACE ORIENTATION for the 2nd BDM-102. The race event is scheduled for Saturday 6Mar10. I am a firm believer of the advocacy of BR particularly for the BDM-102, however, due to my age and condition it is quite impossible for me to participate on an Ultra Marathon. The next best thing is to support the race and what better way than be part of the Carbo Loading and the Race Orientation itself for all the participants.

The invitation was for a start at 6pm and I was surprised that when I arrived at about 6:30pm the venue, Officer Clubhouse at Camp Aguinaldo at its PATIO function room was already full and jam packed. This was a good sign that all participants were on time and showed their support and interest for the pre-race event.

At exactly 7pm with most of the guests having completed already their dinner, BR started his RACE ORIENTATION. The facts, figures, information and details were meticulously been prepared by BR in a comprehensive manner that I find it has answered any doubts or questions in the minds of the participants.

There will be 145 runners to answer the starting gun on Saturday 6Mar10 on or before 2400 hrs. The cut off time has been set at 18 hours for the 102 kilometer distance. These men and women are a special breed of people in my vocabulary. I wish them well and hope that all will finish the race.

The Race Orientation was completed at about 8pm with all participants fully briefed on the race rules and regulations. I am sharing the following pictures taken during the event and please feel free to grab what interest you.

See you guys on March 11, 2009 during the Award Ceremony Night which will also be held at The Officers Clubhouse of Camp Aguinaldo Patio function room.

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  1. Wow.. I agree Sir Amado.. They are a special breed of athletes. Congratulations to all 145 of them.

    Go Sir Junrox! :D