Sunday, January 9, 2011

The PSE Bull Run 2011 - Lost In Translation

After a long holiday season the start for the running events for the year 2011 begun today 09Jan11. Unlike in previous years that only a single run event has the bragging rights, this year three great events opened the running season. For the Visayas and Mindanao region, the CEBU MARATHON, which due to calendar conformity advanced the event so as it coincide with the SINULOG FESTIVAL. For the Luzon area you have the Subic International Marathon. For the Metro Manila we have the usual  BULL RUN of the Philippine Stock Exchange to signal the start for the trading/business season for 2011. That's only for the first days of the running season!

Last year I participated in both the CEBU MARATHON and SUBIC INTERNATIONAL MARATHON, however, as I have from previous years opened my running year with the BULL RUN, I decided to stay at home and do the BULL RUN 2011 “Takbo Para Sa Ekonomiya”.

Allow me to comment on the race event for this year and "TRANSLATE" the same with the present economic condition in the country;

-       Compared with previous years, this year’s “Takbo Para Sa Economiya” drew more participants. Translated to economy – business is more bullish on all sectors with more confidence in the present administration.

-       The running event started on time with very modest logistical hardwares in the starting/finsh line. Translated to economy – Present administration and other NGOCC have on track economic program to move the country onwards making use of the minimal or what financial capability the government has.

-       Water station although sufficient and well positioned was limited to only one tent per station instead of long watertable to avoid congestion to runners who want to hydrate themselves. Translated to economy – while there is sufficient programs and finance/capitalization to jump start the economy they are not well distributed so as to be readily available to (SME) Small and Medium Enterprises thus causing queue or congestion for financial loan packages.

-    Although directional signs were available on the race route there was no distance markers along the route. Translated to economy – As with the present economy there is no distance markers or fix definite plans laid out by the administration for the onward movement of the economy leaving institution guessing their actual position in their field of business.

-    The race route was great with the 16k and 10k going up until Buendia and Reposo, but, vehicules particularly in Buendia and Makati avenue were very impatient and feel inconvenienced that they keep on blaring their horns causing great noise and much irritation to runners. Translated to economy – While government and other institutions are willing to provide new direction for economic improvement of the country, there are much distraction coming from  opposition politicians, leftwing sector, communist and rebels that make noise to distract the good intentions of the government.

-       There were participants in the race due to their impatience and needs to overtake others used the pedestrian walkways instead of the road thus cutting distance from actual distance measured. Translated to economy – we see a number of businesses that in their desire to obtain immediate ROI and/or increase their earning are cutting/short changing their customers/clients instead of delivering quality services/products.

-       There were too many late starters during the race for each race category some maybe have overslept or were just late because of their nature. Translated in economy -  we do also have this same scenario in the business community with corporations and/or individuals just are late in starting.

-       The race made use of the RFID which is laudable considering the minimal entry fee of P450 however, there were not enough check points along the route to verify compliance. It was more on start and finish line only. Translated to economy – the government and its control agencies have very minimal check and control mechanism to ensure compliance to government regulatory policies.

As I write and find for similarities in his year’s BULL RUN (or for any running event) I tend to believe more that RUNNING as a sport is very identical to the economic conditions in our country.

I only pray that as the race was ‘bullish” in its outlook the same fever will usher a great running event for the year! Translated to economy – its about time we move forward with an economic growth that would be on the higher bracket of the countries in ASEAN if not in the whole of ASIA.

Hopefully there were none “lost in translation”.

Let’s run for our health and fitness. Let’s have the Philippines run for the economic improvement!

I completed my first race for the year in the 10k event in 01hour 11minute 02 seconds.


  1. Great simile! We need to get up to speed with our crumbling infrastructure.

  2. Sir, this is a well-thought piece. Kudos. I also did 10 K at 1.11.57 I'd just like to point out that I'm rather disappointed that there were no signages for the loot bag claim area and that the race organizers were not consistent with their published guidelines, namely the checking/marking of the race bibs at the start area, and the provision for loop cords at the halfway point. other than these, the race went smoothly, and just in time too, for it rained the whole day after it. =P

  3. What a nice run and post to start the year! I wish our economy the same bullish start!

  4. Event : 10k - 01.09.11 Takbo para sa Ekonomiya Very dissapointing race... For our Phil. Stock Exchange group/businessmen who did not organize the race well???? No directional signs/distance markers. Scarce water stations, and if there were, no cups available. No lights on the Kalayaan Flyover. Time of race confusion....i would say it wasn't a Bullish run but a Bearish run for the economy!

    Kat Palasi: talaga? nadaya kayo! send them a letter! tell them u didnt get your money's worth. they understand that language:) biznes eh!
    Wednesday at 9:04pm ·