Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blogging - Sharing Knowledge, Experience And Even Mistakes

In the course of our lives there might be simple and even maybe very minute things that we have done that could touch the lives of others and in the process share experience, knowledge and even mistakes with the ultimate goal of being able to make use of these matters for the benefit of oneself.

Today I received an unexpected email from a certain JOHN FLETEMEYER of Germantown MD USA. I wish to share the following email;
Mr. Castro 

We happen to come by your blog on race walking. We found it very useful. My wife Mary Ann is from the Philippines. We adopted our daughter, Irene from there when she was 12. Although having never participated in athletic programs before, we put her in track. I am a track coach. She placed in the National AAU Jr Olympics in 3000m race walk her first season as a 13 yo. She also placed at 14 and 15. 
We plan to use all your suggested drills. She just entered HS and we plan to do some 1500m indoor events. I attached some pictures from the JO 2010 and 2009 seasons. 

Thanks for sharing your race walk knowledge 

The following are the pictures attached to the email.

I tried very hard to answer the email of JOHN, however, for whatever reason/s my attempted relies just bounces back and gets a fatal error. Another unexplained matter is that when I received the email it was incorrectly address (not my email) but I just found it in one of my email boxes as a message forwarded.

Anyways JOHN, I am making use of this blog post to reply and share your kind words with my readers and wish to take this opportunity as well to greet your wife, MARY ANN and all the best wishes to your daughter IRENE in her endeavors in RACE WALKING.

We all learn from one another. 

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