Friday, December 3, 2010

Caught A Flue - Not A Superman

One of the realities in life is that no matter how old, how strong and what gender you are there will come a time that your body will be affected by a common flue.

It is very seldom that I have experienced a flue in as much that I have my regular yearly flue vaccine. However, last Monday 29Nov10 when I woke up at 4:30am I was already feeling sore all over my body with sore throat. On times like this in the past, I made sure that I do not fall on the spell and temptation of foregoing my daily run, otherwise, sickness will surely befall on me. My belief is that rather than taking a rest, I go ahead of what I normally do to arrest the soreness and pain that I do feel in my body. So off I went to Bonifacio Global City even though the temptation was twice as much since it was a local holiday then.

I started my run 5:33am hoping to complete the usual 10k, however, after the 4th kilometer I decided to cut short my run and completed only 5.38k as I could feel heaviness on each stride that I make. I went home hoping that by afternoon I should be feeling well. In deed by afternoon I was feeling strong and recovered so much so that I decided to join the family for an afternoon shopping.

It was just before going to sleep at night that I felt again soreness in my throat and muscles. Still hoping that things will go well in the morning. Morning came and the reality in life faced me, I was having a runny nose, coughing and muscle ache all over. I could not stand up and surrendered myself for a day off. Wednesday came and it was just the same, however by Thursday I was on my way to recovery and already feeling restless. It was a three day ordeal.

As experienced in the past, getting yourself back to your rhythm of daily work out after more than two days of break is difficult as laziness set in that you find yourself with heavy legs and debate within if you should run or not that day. Today Friday was such a day to me, it was really tempting to tell myself not yet today, tomorrow na lang! Luckily, I was able to wakeup, dress-up and proceed to BGC. By 5:16am I was already running and debating if I should make only 5k or go for the 10k. I told myself to go for the 5k only, but when I reached 4.5k I was still feeling good so decided to take it all the way to 10k. I did complete 10.04k in 01h17m22s.

I could now say I have recovered! Thank you Lord for the recovery.

I wish to share the following links on the subject of RUNNING SICK which I think will be a good resource for running enthusiast out there.

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