Sunday, November 28, 2010

28Nov10 A Buffet Of Races - Run BGC My Menu Choice

Today 28Nov10 is a very special day in running in the Philippines. There is a "buffet of running events" in the Philippines. Believe it or not, there are ten events ( six with metro Manila and four in the provinces – data taken from blogsite on their List of Races)  all holding their own events at the same time. These events are the following;

Within Metro Manila

1-    Greenovation Run at MOA
2-    Knowledge Channel KaRUNungan at Ortigas
3-    Takbo Laban Sa Droga at UP Diliman QC
4-    Run BGC at Bonifacio Global City
5-    Resort World Manila Fiesta Run at Pasay
6-    2nd McHappy Day Fun Run at Mckinley Hills

Out of town events

7-    34th National Milo Marathon Cagayan De Oro Eliminations
8-    Powerade Fun Run at Davao City
9-    Takbo Para Sa Karapatan Ng Mga Bata at Davao City
10-Run 4 Ur Rice : Save Rice, Save Lives at Laguna

Now what can you say about that? It’s a buffet for your own choosing!

Having highlighted the menu of runs available, I have selected the 10K for the Run BGC at Bonifacio Global City on the reasons that (a) I have since July of this year made BGC as my daily venue in my running and what better way but support the place where you do your daily run (b) the event organizer is RunRio and with their vast and recent good performances are assurance of a well organize event (c) 10K as I have just done the 21K last week and my body is no longer that young to take two 21K a week apart and lastly (d) for the third time (in a span of 3 months) I was able to convince my wife and son to run the 3K event to get them continuously exposed in running.

The family arrived the venue at 5:10am just in time to witness the start of the 21K event. I wanted as well to take the opportunity to see a gun start for the strong event also I wanted to see what effect the various races has on the attendance. While I would say that the various selection of races did have an effect on the attendance, I still saw a good number of participants for all the events which if considered on the figures last year would be on the average, but, for this year what can you expect if six events are all holding a running event at the same time. 

At 5:30am the 10K run started on time as scheduled. Just barely half a kilometer from the starting line I cannot but help myself an be astound to a very BIG CHRISTMAS TREE just before turning right at 5th Avenue. Above is a picture taken which unfortunately is a little blur but what can you expect it was taken while running.

The route has one new variation from the usual route at the BGC as from the 5.5Km mark it took the runners to the newly constructed 8th Avenue going to Kalayaan and back tracking and leading to the usual route to Rizal Avenue.  After 01h 07m 52s (un-official)I completed my 10K run. Again, nothing spectacular for others, but, a good time for my standard.

I wish to congratulate (getting a habit now) Coach Rio for a well-organized run in all aspect, a race event of again international standard. I take this opportunity in particular to salute Bonifacio Global City Administration for being at the forefront in supporting running in the country. BGC is the safest place that any runner can find within metro Manila. When I say SAFEST it goes to personal safety from bad and ill meaning individual and in general road running safety and traffic control. Please continue your support to the running community. However, I do take note that there are some local residents of condominiums within BGC that do not appreciate the running events every weekend. To these people, we hope for your understanding and thank you for sharing the beauty and availability of BGC to non-residents. Thanks for sharing.

I had a very good fortune that happened to me today during the event and wish to share it to all. For unknown reasons I left the rear window of my Prado open upon parking the vehicle and only found out when we returned after the race to be approached by the head of the security who made known the situation to me. The head of security was so kind to position a guard to ensure that no one took advantage of the situation while we were at the race. THANK YOU for the guards, I was unable to take their names, but, it was so good of you and what you have done just attest to the good management of BGC as a whole. With my wife’s purse, my wallet and so many valuable items inside, not a single item was lost. Praise God and again thank you to the security details of BDC.

Run BGC was a very good race with very extra blessing to go with it.  


  1. Congratulations, Amado! Been following your racing log, and you are getting stronger. Keep up the good work. On my next vacation in the Philippines, it will be from November to January.
    I like to run on the Milo and Corregidor events to celebrate my 70th B'day. Is not that great!!!!

  2. congratulations sir Amado. very strong finish! see you on the road.

  3. @Arthur - Great! But I am now looking forward to your February trip to the Philippines for the Condura Run.

    @ :) - Thanks for dropping by, I wish you would have left your name.