Saturday, November 20, 2010

Run United 2 - Saturday Edition

I would not have imagine three years ago that running events in the Philippines will be as popular and numerous as they are now. To even bolster this observation Run United-2, the final part of RunRio Trilogy for 2010 is using two days to hold their event.

For Saturday 20Nov10 the following events were scheduled 21k, 10k, 3k and 500 meter dash for children. For Sunday 21Nov10 the following were scheduled 32k, 15k and 5k. These events only but attest to the magnitude Run United-2 was planned.

I have entered myself on the Saturday edition of Run United-2 for the 21k event. Not wanting to be time constraint, I woke up early and was at Bonifacio Global City by 4:30am to give myself ample time before the gun start. I was amazed on what I saw when I arrived at the venue, I think Coach Rio has prepared well for the event and that United Laboratories have provided a big budget for the event with the different structures and equipments rigged.

At exactly 5:10 as published the starting gun for the 21K was sounded. I do not have the exact number but definitely the number of runners were quite large and to consider that 21K is only one of 7 events to be held for the 2 day event.

From the start to the finish of the 21K event I have only good words and observations on how the race was managed from road lighting, water station, marshals, banana station and medical assistance along the race route.

After crossing the finish I was stunned on how the medal, hydration and loot bags were distributed. Unlike on other races I have experienced before where in a long queue or snake line will discourage a tired runner to collect his items. However on this event the distribution system was well organized and well manned that you will not experience any queue to collect your items. The loot bag was well stuffed with so many things that you could imagine and with a finisher’s t-shirt at that.

To Coach Rio I would say that you reached a different level that even runs abroad that I have participated can learn from you on race organization and execution. Great job Coach Rio! To United Laboratories who have provided a substantial amount of their funds for the running community, thank you for sharing our funds and we hope that you continue doing so for the coming years.

On my 21K race performance unofficially I registered 02h40m20s not a fascinating time for others, but it was a good time for my standard.

I hope that the Sunday edition will be as successful as the Saturday edition of the RUN UNITED 2.


  1. Glad to know that PH events are now at par with other countries. I think event organizers really step up this year, specially after the Milo incident.

    Bihira yata ang senior citizens .... tulog pa siguro.

  2. It's my first time to run but i was able to witness running events before...this is probably the best so far. and i'd like to say KUDOS to coach Rio and to everyone who made this event super successful!

  3. Very successful event. many freebies and after race events.

    Sir It seems your family picture below this page is edited or altered..

  4. @Arthur - I agree with you! FYI there are more oldies like us getting to run now a days at BGC (Bonifacio Global City) there are regulars in the early morning.

    @Jaky - am happy as well you had a nice time. I heard both Saturday and Sunday were well attended and had gone super well.

    @Emil - Nice to know you had a great experience. You are correct the family picture below is EDITED as my daughter DAWN who is married to ALEX (standing at the back of the picture) were just INSERTED as they live in Moreno Valley California. I miss them and hope to have a grandchild from them soon - maybe you could add a little prayer for them!