Monday, November 1, 2010

ADOBO Run After Dark 2010 - A Good Race And A Great Family Time

After the Camsur Marathon wherein I was able to convince the whole family to run, it was time to follow-up their involvement in running with another run. It was then a good excuse to register the family for the ADOBO RUN AFTER DARK 2010 which was on a Saturday evening and a Halloween weekend at that.

This time unlike the Camsur Marathon, I had even the three granddaughters join the family not running on an event but joined us to be on the sideline and be able to be exposed to the scenarios of a race event and just do their thing as the adults do the run. The handicap I have like on this occasion is that I am towing along the whole barangay so much so that just having to dress up and getting all individuals ready to leave the house was already a task by itself.  With the grandchildren, yayas, driver, sons, daughter-in-law and wife constantly being chased of the departure time in the house, it was like having a race by itself before a race. To my surprise, we arrive Mckinley Hills with plenty of time to spare at 5:20pm. Parking was already becoming a long queue and participants dressed in the running attire as well as Halloween getups were starting to arrive.

The grandchildren were getting excited as they could see many children and even adults dressed in different costumes walking around and within the Mckinley circle it was indeed a festive mood. The weather was even very cooperative as it was unusually windy cool just like Christmas season. Mind you even the public speakers where playing Christmas carols, it was just like Christmas.

My daughter-in-law Pam, who is the best runner in the family was relegated to be the care taker of the grandchildren as she just had a molar tooth extraction the same day. Prior to the race, It was also nice to take the opportunity to greet running friends and acquaintances.

Just before the start of the race a spectacular firework display was made for about 5 minutes and the more the atmosphere became festive. Only problem was that the stage was facing with its back from the starting line that you cannot hear what was being said on the stage. Then all of a sudden I heard a gun start and you just then flow with the crowd, the race was on.

The 10k event took us around the dreaded hills of Mckinley then turning right to Lawton street until just before the access to Libingan Ng Mga Bayani and making a U-turn and proceeding to Bayani Road all the way to Heritage Park and back tracking to Mckinley hills. There was the usual traffic and fumes experienced at Bayani Road, but it was much better than the usual seen on road races in the area and  the traffic or drivers wre more patient this time and manageable. To my great surprise or because of the windy weather and festive atmosphere, I crossed the 10k finish line in 01hr 06m 26s for a logged distance of 10.19k. It was a good run for my standards.

After the run was the best part for me. It was then that I was ale to spend quality time with the whole family (less my daughter DAWN and son-in-law ALEX who lives in Moreno Valley CA- I am looking forward to your visit on April 2011) As they say there are things that money cannot buy and that night was something special and no amount of money can buy the happiness for someone old like me. I had a good whiskey drink over dinner, great conversation with adult family members, played games with the grandchildren, and stories and stories to tell over dinner. The dinner on open air was great and the atmosphere was really inviting.

It was a great ADOBO RUN AFTER DARK and a family bonding time. Thank you Lord for the wonderful time!


  1. Congratulations to the Castro Family Running Club, Amado! Family bonding is one of the many benefits of running.

    Keep on running.

  2. worst race of the year!

  3. @Arthur - Yes indeed! The time with the family was what counted the most.

    @Anonymous - Sorry to hear that you did not enjoy the race. I wish that you will have a better experience on your next race.