Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Trill - Running In The Rain

November 6th was the schedule Chevrolet New Balance Power 2011 covering 5/10/25K events. I was looking forward in joing this event being one of the longer running and popular running events locally. However, the family as a confirmed booking for the Mount Pinatubo Trekking schedule for 05Nov11 so I have to forego my intentions for the Chevrolet New Balance Power Run 2011.

From the 2-4th November it has been intermitently raining in Central Luzon and Metro Manila that the Pinatubo Tourism Board declared all Pinatubo Trekking for 5-6Nov11 cancelled due to the danger of lahar flow and swelling of the river leading to the volcano. What a downer! I had already my bags packed with the necessary trekking gears and change clothes. I was looking really forward in swimming in the crater and having a relaxing massage that is quite popular after trekking. What to do? Nothing much, but, I know it was for safety reasons and our trip to Mt. Punatubo is now rescheduled for the 26th of November.

I woke up early today 6Nov11 at 4:00am and told myself to instead do my own running at Fort Bonifacio. As I looked out of my window I saw that visibility was down due to heavy rain. My mind started playing around if I go back to bed or go for a run considering the rain. My better instint prevailed so off I proceeded to Fort Bonifacio.

As I approached Fort Bonifacio at about 5:10am I already came accrossed the lead runner for the 25K event of the Chevrolet New Balance Power Run so I have to criss cross the diferent streets to find a suitabale parking area. Then I saw the main pack of the 25K and noticed that inspite of the heavy rain there was quite a big number of participants.

At 5:28am I started my own run on my intended route from 30th Street westward all the way to 1st Avenue then northward to 32nd Street going eastward all the way to 11th Avenue turning south to 11th Avenue till I am back on 30th Street. This route covers an approximate distance of 2.6km per loop so intention was to make 4 loops. The temperature was down to 22C due to the heavy rain that it was difficult for the early part of the run. During the course of my run within the loop I encountered the 25/10/5K runners as often as I made the loop and I thought I was already crazy running in the rain, but, there was still a bigger number out there crazy as I am.

I completed my 10.31k run in 01h18m29s. It was a great run in the rain, but now I much proceed as fast to take my hot shower to avoid colds.

In running RAIN is not a deterent but rather an added incentive for the trill in running.


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