Sunday, October 23, 2011

ADIDAS KOTR 2011 - SouthEast Asian Championship

One of the longest and prestigeous running event in the most recent resurging era of running during the late 2000 has been the ADIDAS KING OF THE ROAD (KOTR) which started on 2008 as a modest running event. This year 2011 the KOTR is cumminating in the Philippinea where the finals for the regional champions of Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia will fight it out with the Philippines and elite runners of Kenya stationed in the Philippines for the KING OF THE ROAD title.

With the ADIDAS KOTR scheduled on 23Oct11, I was able to avail of the promotional free registration for the 21k category sometime in August. However as the event came closer I was in doubt if I was physically fit to run the 21k so I have to select to the remaining category which is either the 16k or the 5k. Not wanting to exert much effort I had no alternative but select the 5k category. I then gave my 21k kit to my wife who gave the same to her friend CARLO BELTRAN.

Prior to the gun start for the 21km category, the UAAP Champion for the Cheering Squad competion, the University of The Philippines Pep Squad gave a trilling performance on the starting line. Video of the performance can be seen below;

At 5:00am the 21km runners numbering over 4000 participants was started. To attest to the great number of participants for the 21km the video below took more than 3 minutes for those in the back to cross the starting line.

The 16km event is the category for the KING OF THE ROAD for SOUTHEAST ASIA. This is the distance event to determine the title of KOTR. Champions from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia with the elite runners from the Philippines and those from Kenya are entered in this even. Again for these category the MC mentioned that there are over 4000 runners. The video below will show you the different champions from the region.

Last but not the least it was our event the 5km. In view of the great number of participants the start for 5km was divided into two waves to avoid congestion. I stationed myself on the first wave and at 5:50am I was off and running. The following pictiures I have taken duting the run.

I compeleted the 5km in 33m03sec (unofficial) the distance was short and wanting but was a great event and race.

It event being held in Manila was but a affirmation from ADIDAS to hold the championship event for the KOTR in the Philippines as the country has never experienced the boom and popularity of running as what it is now today.

As of this writing I do not know yet the result of the KOTR but will update this blog when I do have the details.
Official Race Result

Congratulations to ADIDAS and to all those who participated.

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