Thursday, October 20, 2011

MassKara Festival 2011 - My Touring Run

I was registered to run during the Nike Manila Run 2011 last 15Oct11, however, I had a late invitation for an all expense paid vacation to attend the Masskara Festival in Bacolod from 15-17tth October 2011. Without second thoughts, me and my wife were on our way to Bacolod on the morning of 15Oct11.

Feeling guilty to have missed my scheduled run, I made sure that on the early morning of Sunday 16Oct11 despite of staying late the night before after attending the Masskara Festival Arena Competition at the town plaza, I made sure to squeeze in my usual touring run of the places that I visit.

We were billeted at the Grand Regal Hotel located at Araneta Avenue just in front of the Gaisano Mall. I have in the past only taken the route going northwards, however, this time I decided to be a bit adventurous and head southwards of Araneta Avenue. As I have decided only to take around 10k workout, it was safe to go out 5km and back track to complete the 10k workout.

At around 5:00am with daylight setting in I left the Grand Regal Hotel as planned. Just about 1.5km after I found myself at the old airport terminal of Bacolod which has been decommissioned since the Silay Airport has been in operation for the last 3 years. I do not know who owns this place but it was left idle and wasted. It is a pity being on a prime location for mall or a business center.

At 3km I saw a catholic church in sight which solves my intention on where to hear mass during the morning the day being a Sunday. I stopped for a while and asked the name of the church and it was San Jose Labrador at Tangub and the last mass for the morning was 8:30am. Good there was more than enough time to catch the said mass.

Just before hitting the 5km mark I arrived at Manville Royale Subdivision which to my great surprise is being used by a lot of residents in the area as a running/jogging/walking place with wide arterial roads and plenty of fresh air. I was tempted to join the other on their route but dismissed the same as I need to be back in the hotel to catch the 8:30am mass.

When I hit the 5.1km I backed tracked heading to the hotel. The view is already known to me and the only difference is that the temperature has now risen to about 27C and rising as the sun was clearly up on a clear sky.

At 6:18am or about 1h18m00s after I started my workout I was back at the Grand Regal Hotel having logged 10.13km . It was another great touring run that conditioned my body for another hectic day this time to  visit the Mambukal Resort at the foot of Mount Kanlaon. I am looking forward to dip on a hot sulphuric spring a relaxing massage after.

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