Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Sentosa Island Run

This week I had to attend a business meeting in Singapore from 29Sep-02Oct. As in my previous trips abroad, I have made it a point that I try as much as possible to sneak in my daily run as possible.

I was booked at the Hard Rock Hotel in Sentosa Island so I was delighted that given the time I shall be a able to do a run around Sentosa Island which is far away from the traffic congeste streets of Singapore and has ben lately developed as a resort island where Universal Studio and so many attraction parks are located.

On Saturday 01Oct11 true enough even with a full daytime schedule I made sure to wakeup earlier to make my run. With my hydration belt and camera on I have decide to make a 10k workout. I started from the hotel lobby at 5:58 am which was still dark as daylight only came at 6:45am. With no particular route in mind, I just took off leading my way to Seloso Point on the the beach fronts of Palawan and Tanjong beaches then to Sentosa Golf Club and backtracking until I found myself back at the Hard Rock Hotel lobby.

The workout was more of a touring run on a relaxed pace giving myself opportunity to take photos along the route. The site and route is really superb and attractive with clean air. I logged 10.60km in 01h43m51s.

An early morning run Sentosa Island in Singapore is a great place to get yourself ready for a day of work ahead.

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  1. I am on a business-trip in Singapore too and aim to proceed as above with my first run being shortly! Exciting times!