Tuesday, October 11, 2011


For the month of October there will be two popular races sponsored by two equally popuilar running shoes NIKE and ADIDAS.

On October 16th will be the NIKE WE RUN MANILA and a week after that on October 23rd will be the ADIDAS KING OF THE ROAD (KOTR) 2011 which will also serve as the finals for the South East Asia KOTR a major event in the local calendar. The running community are but trilled and excited with most local running enthusiast registered on both races. 

Either by change or for whatever reason, collection of race kit for ADIDAS is at the NBC Tent at Bonifacio Global City from October 10-12th and NIKE is at Bonifacio High Street at Bonifacio Global City from October 11-13th. Both are just walking distance from one another. Is this only a coincidence and not a commercial strategy?

In this blog I would like to share my personal experience in collecting my race kit for both which I hope is an isolated case and not a general situation.

  • -       Collected my race kit on 10Oct11 between 3-4pm.
  • -       Presented my claim stub and presented my ID and attendant provided singlet and giveaways in a bag and advised me that my race bib will be delivered to my house as the same is not ready.
  • -       Argued with attendant that I received more than 3 email that collection of race kit will be complete. Requested to talk to supervisor to whom I explained incovenience of the matter.
  • -       Supervisor asked me if I will accept any race bib number instead of the one that was supposed to be issued to me.
  • -       To avoid inconvenience I agreed and the supersor provided me with a race bib 07949 and a timing chip 79649. Only when I went home I noticed the resemblance and difference of both numbers which I hope does not have consequential effect on my actual race data.
  • -       Also only after arriving home, I noticed that I was supplied by a size 2XL singlet instead of a size L as is apparent to my confirmation order (refer to copy of registration on the picture above).
  • -       The venue and the layout of NBC tent for the distribution as you could see in the pictures are VERY IMPRESSIVE. I hope that my experience is an isolated matter.

  • -       Collected my race kit on 11Oct11 between 4:00-4:30pm.
  • -       Presented my claim stub and presented my ID to the attendant.
  • -       Attendant advised me that my birthday on my ID is different from their computer which shows January 1, 0000. I told the attendant that obviously that the error is in their computer as there is no January 1, 0000. The same accepted my explanation and revised my birthdate in their computer to my real birthdate.
  • -       Learning from my not so nice experience with the Adidas singlet I demanded to see the shirt size in the bag which was a size MEDIUM. I complained and explained that my registration size was LARGE. Attendant could not decide and called the supersivor.
  • -       Superviros advised me that he can not do anything but comply to what was indicated on their computer which was a size M. I explained to the supervisor regarding the error on my birthday on their computer which if it was in error then most possibly the shirt size was also in error. Understanding the logic of my explanation, the supervisor agreed to provide me with a size LARGE shirt.
  • -       The venue although modest in size and open on the sides was acceptable and well manned and properly laidout. Major complaint I noticed for participants was no issuance of kit to those who who do not have ID to support their claim slips. In fairness to the organizers notice on the ID was well disseminated. 
  • -       Again, I hope that my personal experience is an isolated matter. I still am open minded and look forward to a successful race event for  NIKE and ADIDAS. 

       See you all on the races.

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  1. Good Luck, Amado! With all the races going at Global City, it will be great to live within the city. Next vacation, I will try to find a place close to Bonifacio High Street _ _ _ kong kaya!!!