Thursday, May 3, 2012

Celebrating 61 years with 16 Km

Today May 3rd 2012 I turned 61 years old! God I am old! To celebrate the day I think and wish that my age is numerically reversed … 16 ….. what better way to convince myself but do 16km workout early today at Fort Bonifacio which took me along the streets of Bonifacio Global City (BGC) then to Lawton Avenue to Bayani Road until Heritage Park then to C5 all the way back to Market Market and end at 26th Avenue and 5th Street. On a racewalk mode I completed16km in 2.5736 Hrs . It was my worst 16k time. It is the sad reality in life that age is catching up on my body. A lame excuse is that it was too hot and I did not have the right preparation.

I shall be limiting my road races from now on to 10k distance and probably do only the 21k during the Condura events. I still foresee myself to do work-outs on the road but now with a modest distance log of 30-35km/week or 100km per month (use to be 200km/month a year ago).

With the reduction of my road workout, I intend to dedicate more time in my old passion....golfing. Since I picked up running I sacrified a great time of my golfing to running.  I could still remember that between 1994-2006 I was practically playing golf six (6) times a week and that there was a time that my handicap was down to single digit (+9) compared to present which is +22. My problem is that practically all of my golfing buddies either have, passed away, too sick to play or have aged that I need to make new golfing buddies. But, I still love my golfing buddies in Valley Golf and Tagaytay Highlands. They are down to earth and we have shared lots of jokes and laughter during a game and most of all they allow me to win.

I have stopped my oil painting….. since last quarter of last year for whatever reason all the inspiration and drive that use to push me to be prolific and produce a painting a day has died down… the urge that just came all of sudden from no where then has all of a sudden vanished life a wind… I just could not explain why I can not lift the brush now…I pray that the inspiration and talent would come back on another cycle in my life while I still have vision and strength.

To all the people that have greeted me on my birthday, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR REMEMBERING. I hope and pray that in my own simple way I was able to touch your life as you have touched mine and you being a part of my life in that 61 years span. Certainly you were somewhere in that span of 61 years. We may have laught, cursed, fought, smiled, ate, drunk, work, golf, run, played or just talked and shared stories but without you people my life would have been empty. Thank you for being there! Let me continue counting till 100 and I will still be meeting more people till then.


  1. Hello Sir Amado,


    More years of race-walking to come...


  2. Belated happy birthday, Sir!

    We'll watch out for photos of you enjoying golf / running / traveling / being with your family, and for your next art masterpiece.

    More birthdays and blessings to come!

  3. @Ann ..Thank you very much for the greeting and kind words .. wish you as well the best...