Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ensure To Endure Run - The Weather Factor

In the past "weekend road races" have been an integral part of my workouts. However, due to injuries and sickness in the past three months, I have barely participated on any road races which has been a big void in my regular life. Blessed lately that my injuries are recuperating and with the ultimate goal to find oneself back to my regular routine, I decided to participate in ENSURE to ENDURE 10k event sponsored by Abbott Laboratories.

ENSURE to ENDURE Run has a very unique form of registration. Instead of the usual cash registration fee for the road race, the sponsors opted that a participant purchase any ENSURE products and with a pre-determined amount of purchase, this qualifies a person either to the 5k, 10k or 15k event category. At least registration fee is converted to a product that you can enjoy and benefit from.

To qualify for a 10k event I purchased an ENSURE “Gold” 400 grams chocolate flavored energy powder and a 250ml ENSURE Liquid Nutrition the cost of both is about P810 which about equal amount should a registration fee been collected.  The purchase receipt served as proof of purchase which I did my registration at Riovana at Fort Bonifacio.

Today 20May2012 I arrived the venue at Fort Bonifacio BGC at around 5am and you could easily determine if the race is well participated by the difficulty of obtaining a parking space, which on this occasion was quite easy which translated to a forecast of not so well participate race. Overall with the three different categories, I would guess that there were no more than 2300 participants. Anyways, it is not the number but how the race was to be handled and executed.

At 5:23am the 10k event was gunned off which brought the runners lonly within the Fort Bonifacio Global City circuit of roads. With what I have seen and personally experienced, I would congratulate the organizers of the event as all logistical needs for a good race have been duly taken cared of. The any thing missing is the volume of participants.

The weather was hot and humid but was much better than the previous days. 01h24m21sec after the gun start I crossed the finish line on my racewalk mode dripping wet all over. It was a very slow 10k for me but I would take it gladly considering the weather condition and the long hiatus on my weekend road races. The race name I think more than describe my performance for this event, ENSURE to ENDURE. Yes, I just barely ensured myself to endure the event on a very humid and hot morning. A weather factor indeed.

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