Friday, February 11, 2011

35th MILO Marathon - Schedule of Races

Received the following information from Mr. Andrew Neri of Milo Sports providing the 35th MILO Marathon schedule of elimination races for the different regions and eventually to culminate for the Finals at Manila on Dec. 11, 2011. 

Its time to clear your schedule and decide on which region you want to enter for the elimination. Good luck to all!


  1. Hi po. Would you know the route they'll use for the Manila Eliminations?

  2. Hi from the USA. I want to run a marathon in the Philippines but have a conflict with the July 31 date in Manila. Are the other races all marathon distance?

  3. @daytripper1021 - The Manila eliminations route will be the same as that of last year 2010.

    @Maddog - The full marathon elimination will only be that in Manila. For the other regions it will be only 21k.

  4. Amado,
    Thanks. Are there any other marathons in the Philippines? Where and when?


  5. Dear Maddog- I would like to introduce you to the blogsite ( which deals with running in the Philippines and in the same blog under the TAB "List of Races" you will find comprehensive listing of local races as scheduled. Hope this will assist you if and when you do visit Manila. See You!

  6. Hello! I've uploaded some pictures from the Manila eliminations last July 31, 2011. Please go to