Monday, February 7, 2011

Condura Run 2011 - A Dream Run

For the next couple of weeks there will be stories and experiences told of the CONDURA 2011 Run For Dolphins. A great number of them if not all of them will be of how great and wonderful was the event! To the Concepcion brothers Ton and Patrick thank you for your commitment and dedication, we also acknowledge your well and able CONDURA EVENTS TEAM who left no stones unturned to ensure the success of the run.

The Condura Run premiered on 2008 dubbed as “Run for Tubbataha Reef” was attended by 2000 participants. On 2009 dubbed as “Run for the Whale Sharks” it tripled its number to 6279 runners. Last year 2010, dubbed as “Run For The Dolphins” it attracted 8500 runners and this year 2011 also dubbed as “Run For The Dolphins” it has reached 13000+ runners. The main attraction of the Condura Run for the last three years has been their partnership with the SKYWAY. With forthcoming completion of the Skyway all the way to Alabang it would be a runner’s dream to have a point to point running event from Alabang all the way to Global City via skyway with adjusted starting points for 42/21/10k categories and all finishing in one place. Realities were once but only dreams and I hope that this dream of mine will be a reality soon.

As a seasoned participant of running events abroad and locally, I have only but good comments of the Condura 2011. In fact I feel proud that we have now race events (include those of Coach Rio) that are not only comparable to races abroad, but, are even BETTER and well organized than those that are already long running events abroad. And to think of it was only in 2007 that things started on a roll locally on road races.

As there were 13000+ for the Condura 2011, there will be 13000+ different stories and experiences of how they performed and faired during the event. For my personal performance in the 21K it was my worst clocking at 03h00m18s (unofficial my Garmin 310xt). As the race event was perfect, weather condition was great (great weather with cloudy skies) support ample (hydration and banana station with portalets even on the skyway) I need to find a good excuse. On the night before the race I was at the Manila Peninsula Hotel to attend to a family wedding reception in which I was only able to leave at 11pm and be in bed only at 12 midnight only to wake up at 3am or just barely 3 hours of sleep. To add to this as the occasion was a happy one, I do not think it was “carbo loading” but more of “wine loading”. As earlier mentioned this is my excuse, but the reality I think is that AGE is fast creeping in on me. Hopefully I would still have five more years in my running life.

Condura Run 2011 – “Run For The Dolphins” was a great success for runners, family bonding, social life of friends, athletic and sports oriented individuals, even for arts with the 300 foot dolphin mural. I cannot wait for next year! Will my dream be a reality?


  1. Next year, I will just run the 10K. You are right about age creeping on us and next year I will be a whopping 70 years old man. Hopefully, we can stretch a little bit longer our love of running.
    Good luck and take care.

  2. Congratulations just the same on your successful 21K finish. I included a photo of your sponsored band in my Condura blogpost here:

  3. Congrats on your race sir. See you on your next race