Sunday, February 27, 2011

The EDSA Run - Something to Remember

There is no denying that one of the most significant part in the history of the Philippines is the PEOPLES POWER which happened 25 years ago on February 25, 1986. It was the first peaceful revolution in the modern day history that toppled a government/dictator with the citizenry being driven by the drive of “enough is enough”. It was like a wave of unexplained power and phenomena that swept to other parts of the world after the Philippines with the fever catching on then in Europe and the Soviet nations and more. Today 25 years after, the PEOPLES POWER spirit is still alive as what we have witnessed in Egypt and what is on-going in Bahrain and Libya. 

To commemorate the 25 years of EDSA People Power, The EDSA RUN – A People powered Run To Build Classrooms” was held today February 27, 2011. There were two category of race the 10k and the 5k events.

EDSA being a main thoroughfare in Metro Manila is by in itself a unique venue to hold a road run. With parking as a problem in the area, two areas were designated by the organizers. One was along the Temple Drive with limited unsecured parking located about 0.7km from the starting line and the more secured parking at Robinsons Galleria which is 1km south of the start/finish line. I opted for the latter in as much it was guarded and secured. To my great surprise upon exiting the parking area there were three electrically driven jeepneys that were being utilized to shuttle participants to the starting line. However, when asked if the said transport will be made available on completion of the race the driver just said you are on your own.

At 4:45am I was already in the venue and notice that a great number of participants are from the military, government offices and non-government offices that have pledged contingents for the event. The usual representation from the running community was there but was not of great number. I took sometime to take pictures of the People Power Monument which was the place where people convergence in 1986.

At 5:30am on time and schedule 10k runners were gunned off from White Plains Avenue going straight to EDSA and turning right southwards to Ortigas Avenue. It was a nice feeling as always to run along EDSA and particularly this cool morning (22deg C). The route was well manned and the organizers have done their assignment on hydration and distance markers. From Ortigas Avenue the route turned left to Green Meadows Avenue all the way to C5 turning right all the way just before the flyover before turning back to Green Meadows Avenue. On reaching the 6.5km marker the route became challenging as it was an all-uphill climb to the 9.3km marker. The Temple Drive sector of the route was indeed a back breaking climb. Upon turning left to White Plains Avenue it was an easy stretch all the way to the finish line.

My unofficial time for the EDSA Run as per my Garmin 310xt was 01h10m15s for 10.11km another good run for my standards. I enjoyed the route and do not regret to have participated, although, I would have wished that the running community would have participated more in numbers as they have missed a good Sunday race.

Race Results can be viewed at  here

Walking back all the way to Robinsons Galleria after the race was a good 1km cool down which was forced on me as there was no transport available. 

Anyways, the EDSA Run was worth my time. Congratulations to the organizers.

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