Monday, March 21, 2011

Casino Filipino Sang Takbo Run 2011 - "The Price Is Right - Come On Down"

With running in its peak of popularity in the country, runners now have an option to select their type of race. In my curiosity to experience the different types of road races available on weekends, I have tried small time races one of which was my last blog event the Race Against Trafficking (RAT) Race last 13Mar11 which turned out to be a good race considering it was small in numbers of participants.

Last Sunday I tried another unique race considering that the entry fee is only P300.00 for all category (3k/5k/10). It is the Casino Filipino 2011 “Sang Takbo” – Run For A Cause. The event was held at Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) with the 10k route going all the way to the SM Mall of Asia and back to Aliw Theater which is where start/finish line is.

Imagine only P300.00 this was like the going rate in 2007. Now a days, the 10k would be from P600-P1000. After having registered for the run, I was surprised to receive a singlet that is of good quality and design and the bib has a “gift bag” and “raffle stub” attached into it. Definitely already your money’s worth.

Race day came and I was already at the venue at 5:00am for a scheduled start at 5:30am. I was expecting a difficulty of parking in the area but was surprised that they have allowed participants to park their vehicles on the opposite road not to be used for running, however, parking fee was P60.00 it was a expensive but that is how the City of Manila charges for street parking.

The race started at 5:45am which was I think the actual schedule than the published 5:30am. Although the race lacks the magnitude and grand festival atmosphere of big time races, the Sang Takbo Run was handled and organized properly. The race marshals were more than sufficient to control the traffic and ensure safety of the runners, the distance markers are more or less the turn around points for the 3/5/10k events and the water station is more than adequate. Bottom line, P300.00 is feasible to have a decent road race. The next P300 race in the calendar will be next week for the Yakult 10 miler also to be on the same venue.

My only comment on this race was that it registered only 9.25km in my Garmin 310xt for the declared 10k route. Accordingly, I could not really say if my unofficial time of 01h02m33s can be considered a 10k run. Maybe a double check on distances can be done by the organizers.

In the end as they say a branded soft drink will cost you P240 on a five start hotel, P100 on a club, P60 on a restaurant and P20 on any convenience store. On each case they are one and the same soft drink, the same quantity, same product but only different venues. So it is up to the person where he prefers/enjoys to take his/her soft drink and how much he can afford in his pocket. Same scenario in running, its how much and how grand you want to take your race! Satisfaction is your personal feeling and experience.

In running, the best is still running on your own, it is free, no specific route, no cut-off time, with only you and the road to decide your ultimate satisfaction.

Happy Running to all.


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