Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Globe "Run 4 Home 2011" - Am Back on Big Events

After trying on and experiencing the small race events on weekends it was time to go back to big events and last March 27, 2011 it was the Globe “Run 4 Home 2011”

The Globe “Run 4 Home 2011” had the 21k/15k/10k/5k/3k events which practically catered to all types of runners. I arrived at Bonlfacio Global City (BGC) at 5:00am with plenty of time to spare for my 10k schedule gun start at 5:30am. While I was expecting a good number of participants my best estimate will be only around 5200 which compared to the Unilab Run United 1 last 6Mar11 which accounted for 17,000+ participants dwarfs this event. I could only assume that the Yakult 10 Miler at CCP got also a good number of participants as it was also held on the same day and with a very minimal entry fee.

The 10k event started as scheduled at 5:30am and took the reversed route of the usual BGC-Kalayaan-Buendia. On most occasions the route goes first to the different streets/avenues in BGC and University area before leading to kalayaan all the way to Buendia/Paseo before returning to BGC. This time, it was direct straight to Buendia/Paseo and returning to BGC before going to the University area at BGC. I personally like the route last Sunday as you have to tackle the Kalayaan flyover while still fresh and strong and adjust your pace in reaching the university area. The race proper was of course handle by coach Rio Dela Cruz and nothing much can be said as he always deliver an international standard race event. I was even surprised that just about a couple of hours after the race the results were already posted at the internet.

I completed the 10k at 01h03m04s with the following detailed posted race official result;

I normally do not stay around after the race and immediate head back home to catch my family Sunday Mass and this time it was even an extra effort to head back home faster as I was to pick up my daughter Dawn and her husband Alex who have not been home for 7 years. With them in Manila and until 17Apr11, I will be easing up on my usual weekend races and just hope that I would still be able to log my usual daily early morning runs.

By the way, I am not sure if Coach Rio handled the after race events i.e. distribution of loot bags and water at the finish line or if Globe handled this themselves but just heard that it was a little bit disorganized that collection was bunch up for all categories and the difficulty to get water after crossing the finish line. Anyways, whoever was task to this job we hope that an improvement will be done in the future.

See you on the road!


  1. Congratulations, Amado! Great finish and split time.