Monday, April 4, 2011

Panglao Bohol - Early Morning Run

With 4 days to spend on my family’s holiday in Panglao Bohol, I was well decided to squeeze in a couple of daily morning run during our stay.

On our 2nd day of our stay at the Dumaluan Beach Resort and with an early pickup from our guide at 8am for the Danao Enco Adventure Tour (EAT) I decided to take a very early morning run to be on time for an early breakfast and pickup.

At 4:30am I was all dressed and ready for my run. As ever when you are not well versed on the locality, I decided to make a 6km run with a 3km outbound and reverse track to come up with a 6km distance.

The road was unlighted that I have to guess where to land my foot. However, the terrain was fantastic with uphill and downhill slope to tackle. The best was that the early morning breeze was fresh and with zero pollution that you could smell. About a kilometer on my outbound run I passed the Bohol Beach Club on my right and proceed straight until I reach the 3km distance before back tracking. My only complaint during the run was that there were too many dogs that go after you. One thing I noticed was that I approach a dark area (maybe because of my heavy breathing) the dogs already could sense that someone is coming and start barking. They are quite domesticated with all bark and no bite type, but, it’s the “what if” this dog really do bites. I thing this was also a factor that made the run trilling.

0h47m18s after with 6.12km completed I was back at the Hotel with plenty of time to spare for the coming days family outing. The following was the route recorded on my Garmin 310xt. 

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  1. Do you still have to pass thru the airport security if you fly on a broom?