Monday, March 7, 2011

The Unilab Run United 1 - Start of the RunRIo Trilogy and Series 2011

The Unilab Run United 1 last March 6, 2011 ushered not only the 1st leg of the RunRio Trilogy for 2011 but also opened the official running season of RunRio for the year 2011 and Runrio Series.

Even before the actual event of The Unilab Run United 1 it was no secret that the event will be well participated by the running community. A modest estimate of 17000+ runners showed up for three categories 21k, 10k and the 5k events. If figures are correct then this would be the biggest race for the year so far. When I arrived the venue at around 4:45am I was surprised by the volume of vehicles leading to Bonifacio Global City (BGC). There was the rush of cars looking for parking places. Wisely, BGC has converted vacant lots on both sides along 30th Streets into secured pay parking areas. It was sight to see a great number of cars parked at BGC early in the morning.
As I walked at 9th Avenue towards 28th Street I could see that the 21k participants were already corralled and the national anthem was already being played. This was followed by race route briefing and warm up exercises before being finally started at about 5:15am. Just shortly after that all 10k runners were required to proceed to the holding area and the same prerace formality was duplicated. With the huge number of participants, I could not hardly see the starting arc and if I look backward I still could see a good number of participants in my rear. At 5:30am the starting gun was sounded and it took me 02m40s before I was able to cross the starting line. Now that would give you a rough idea of the volume of runners in front of me. I just wonder how many minutes it took the tail enders.

The race route for the 10k was actually my daily 10k route at BGC so it was very familiar territory for me. For those who are not used to the venue it could be challenging route as it has twist and turns with equal ups and downs. 01h13m15s (unofficial) after I crossed the finish line a fully satisfied participant of the Unilab Run United 1.

RunRio has again established himself as one of the best if the not the very best in local road race organizers. I would limit myself to this comment not to sound as a pr man for coach Rio for all the logistical and operational needs of a road race was of world class standards.

United Laboratories being the sponsors of the event have definitely poured a sizeable amount of investment in providing the financial and logistical support. The event has so many side events that you could participate in after the race event. The partnership between RunRio and Unilab is indeed a match made in heaven for the running community to bring quality race event. Mind you it is now even going outside of metro Manila. For those who are in the province you could look forward to the following events to mark your calendar;

- August 14th Davao City

- October 2nd Iloilo City

- October 9th Bacolod City

- December 4th Baguio City

- December 18th Cebu City

That is a nationwide race event schedule. So for those in the province mark your calendars as early as now and braze yourselves to hit the road.

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