Sunday, April 12, 2009

Greenfield City Run - Pre-Race Calculative Analysis

The Easter Sunday Race Walk - 16.40km 02h12m16s - 7.44Km/hr - 8.06min/km - Starting Time 4:49Hrs

The Black Saturday Race Walk - 02h13m13s - 16.34km - 7.36km/hr - 8.15min/km - Starting Time 5:13Hrs

With the intention to establish a comparative run of the same route and as posted in my blog of yesterday, a duplicate run (race walk for my case) was done this Easter Sunday.

The route used was starting from the Northeast Parking Area of Bonifacio High Street for a single counter clockwise loop then to 26th Street, Rizal Avenue, u-turn at 3rd Avenue , Lawton Avenue, left at Bayani Road until the Heritage Park and u-turn back to Bayani Road, right at Lawton Avenue, right at McKinley Hills using the usual race route until British Embassy and back to Lawton Avenue, right to Libingan Ng Mga Bayani, right 24th Avenue, back track upon reaching 9th Street and turn right to 7th Street and making a half loop at Bonifacio High Street ending at the Northeast Parking Area along 9th Street.

***************************Black Saturday ******Easter Sunday
Start ********************* ***5:13am *************** 4:49am
Garmin Distance ************16.34 km ************ 16.40 km
Duration ******************** 02h13m13s *******02h12m16s
Speed ************************ 7.36 km/hr *******7.44 km/hr
Pace ************************* 8.15 min/km ****8.06 min/km

I started Easter Sundays' run earlier hoping to avoid the heat by 7:00am. As you will take note on the comparative data, the difference between the two run is practically negligible. I was only 57 seconds faster than my run on Black Saturday. I was hoping to shave 2-3 minutes but I think that was only a wishful thinking on my part. Given the performance above a 21K will correspond to 02h49m00s.

The Greenfield City Run will cover all the way FLAT terrain unlike the Global City route that I have practised. This in consideration, there should be a reduction in the finishing time, however, the route at Greenfield is exposed to sunlight with no building to provide shade so I expect this will be a factor to consider in arriving at a realistic finishing time. Overall, I would be more than happy to shave a minute from my Condura Run finish of 02h39m11s. For planning purpose my target time for the Greenfield City Run is 02h37m00s.

Given that the race venue will require 45 minutes of travel time, we need to depart Paragon Plaza by 3:30am to allow sufficient time for possible delays. This means a wake up time of 3:00am the latest. Wow! It will be a long morning on April 19th.

See you at the starting line guys!


  1. 8mins/K is the race pace of many runners at the Condura half-marathon, and you were walking faster! What was the longest walk you have ever made and what was your average pace over the distance?

  2. Miraclecello - The longest I have done so far on a race pace is 21K (02h39m11s) which was officially at the Condura Run 09. The longest is 62.2K last December 13, 2008 at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia for the 12 Hour Walk, however, this is not a race event but more on stamina that you are given 12 hours to walk on a 2 kilometer circuit from 8pm to 8am and your computer chip later on provides the total milage you have done for the time duration.

  3. 5.18kph, wow. You would have done 100K in less than 20 hours.