Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Macau-Taipa Bridge" - The Second Time Around

Sunday – April 26, 2009 waking up at 5:00am I immediately look at my hotel window if rain has stopped. I noticed that the road was still visibly wet but no sign of rain shower. Thank you Lord. I hurried to prepare myself for the replay run at the “Macau-Taipa Bridge” all excited as in the previous day.

At 5:300am I stepped out of the hotel lobby shocked that the previous day temperature of 22C with rain at that has now dropped 4 degrees C and is now at 18C not really that cold but the wind was strong so it has a biting after effect. Well you cannot have all your wishes granted, some you get, some you don’t at least the rain is gone.

5:34am I started my run fully confident on which road to take having gotten the experience the previous day. As I started today’s run which much later than the precious day, it was already daylight when I reached the “Macau-Taipa” Bridge. It was either it was not raining or that it was a Sunday but today there were a handful of runners that I have came across during the bridge run unlike the previous day where it was then a lonesome run.

After reaching Macau Island, I tried to cover a run on the different casinos in the area, Wynn’s, Grand Lisboa, Galaxy, MGM and a couple more of casinos which I forgot their names.

I also went to a statue which has a striking resemblance to the Virgin Mary but in reality is that of the Chinese goddess A-Ma who they say has powers for those having fertility problem.

I then backed track to MGM Casino for the necessary photos.

Then it was time to make the return trip to Taipa Island and again experiencing the tranquillity and solace of running with a perfect scenic beauty of the bridge and the sea enhanced by the clean fresh air possible. Without knowing it was already approaching the end of my run at the Best Western’s Taipa Hotel.

Today’s run was a 10.60km distance, speed of 7.73km/hr and a pace of 7.77min/hr burning 700Kcal in the process.

Good bye “Macau-Taipa” Bridge you have enriched my running experience.

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