Saturday, April 11, 2009

Preparation Greenfield City Run 21k and Garmin Forerunner 405

Lenten holiday started last Thursday and will run until Easter Sunday. I took the opportunity to take a two day rest from my daily race walk training and did a cross training in golf at the Tagaytay Highlands to get back my feel of the game. As expected, I did not have my usual sharpness in the game on Maundy Thursday, but, was happy on my performance on Godd Friday.

Today Black Saturday, my plan was to do a long race walk training at the Global City to prepare myself for the 21K at the Greenfield City Run scheduled on April 19,2009. Further, I was excited to try out my newly acquire GARMIN FORERUNNER 405 which I ordered at Ebay. The said equipment arrived by US Postal Service 10 days after I paid for the order. It was a hassle free procedure and was delivered at my door. The wonder of modern convenience of e-commerce.

I shall not be writing details of the GPS Sports Watch but would leave that on a later date when I have gotten used to the ins and outs of the different functions of the unit and usage of the software provided.

As with the Condura Run 09, I intend to do the Greenfield City Run on a Race Walking Mode to prepare for my USATF 15K Masters Race Walking at Riverside California on May 17, 2009 and for the LA Marathon Race Walking Division on May 25, 2009. Both events are coming near and hopefully I do peak on the right time for the scheduled events.

For the Greenfield City Run 21k , there will be four of us that will be doing the race walk. Coach Saturnino Salazar, Christian Dalida, Milbert Nabuab and me. We expect to complete the 21k in 02h40m so if any of you guys who are on slow pace, feel free to flow with us during the race. I would like also to announce to anyone who wishes to learn the technicalities of Race Walking, to please do not hesitate to approach me anytime as we would arrange a series of clinic with Coach Salazar to those interested to learn the complete mechanics of the sport. Coach Salazar is a level 4 IAAF Coach and is a SEA Games bronze medallist in Race Walking, the right person to provide the knowledge and techniques of the sport. These plans are in line to our joint effort to give Race Walking the much needed exposure and introduction to the local running community.

I started my run today at the Northeast parking area of Bonifacio High Street at 5:13am which took me on a one loop at the Bonifacio High Street then to 26 Street, Rizal Drive, 3rd Avenue, Lawton Avenue, Bonifacio Road until Heritagre Park then back to Lawton Avenue, right to McKinley Hills for the normal race route till British Embassy, back to Lawton Avenue, then to Libingan Ng Mga Bayani, then a final half loop at the Bronifacio High Street.

It was a 16.34 km distance time of 02h13m13s for a speed of 7.36km/hr and a pace of 8.15min/km. Of course, all these details were provided by my new GARMIN FORERUNNER 405. The results were below my normal datus for the distance, but, it was expected as the scenario was a lonesome walk. To get a realistic results, I intend to redo the same route for Easter Sunday to be able to have a comparative analysis between the same route of the same effort.

Meantime, I wish everyone a HAPPY EASTER!


  1. It might be the heat. I noticed that the higher temperatures slow down my pace nd elevate the heart rate specially if I have been on the road for sometime already. Very different from the December - February readings.

  2. Jay - Yes I do agree that HEAT is a definite factor during this season. Still, a running buddy would have definitely compensated for the heat.

  3. Congrats Sir on your GF405! I must warn you though that it may lead to more running addiction! :D

    Enjoy you new toy Sir, welcome to the world of Garmin Forerunners.

  4. Dennis - Thanks if ever I have some items to clarify I'll just buzz you.

  5. Nice Toy, Mr. Castro! Such is a well-deserved gadget for a passionate athlete! See you again at the Greenfields!

  6. Podjie- See you at Greenfield City. I am sure you wll be again the lead pacer for the fast group of