Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Vintage Car - Mileage Check for 2009

Today 15Apr09, I am scheduled for my quarterly physical check-up after having undergone angioplasty last January. It also dawned on me to come up with a mileage assessment of my racewalk/running recorded exercises for the year 2009 and the corresponding cumulative mileage since I started recording my daily endeavour last April 27, 2007.

I broke the 1000 km for the year 2009 last Easter Sunday’s Run. It took 109 days to break the 1000 mark.

Given the above sub-total table, my total recorder distance logged from April 27, 2007 would look like this;

With the Greenfield City Run 21K just a few days away, I started today to taper down on my daily distance from 12K to 6K for Wednesday to Friday before taking a full rest on Saturday in preparation for Sundays' 21K event.

I do not think the above logged distance will be of any assistance or get any medical appreciation from my cardiologist, but, mainly it was more for my inner self esteem. Hopefully I do pass my quarterly medical check-up and that the three STENTS in my heart are holding in its place.

Just like a car, am on my way for service check-up. A much needed one for a 1951 model! A Vintage Car at that!

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