Thursday, July 16, 2009

Globe "Run For Home" - Race Pack Distribution

Today 16Jul09 is the first day of Race Pack collection for the Globe “Run For Home” as organized by FinishLine located at Bonifacio High Street. For the local race to be abreast and in tune with international road racing standard, FinishLine is adopting two new race procedure locally, the designation of a fix day/s (16-18July) as distribution day for race packs and the application of a “disposable timing chip” which will be used by all runners to determine their timing during the race. A much awaited improvement on local road races.

With the heavy rain experienced the whole day all over Metro Manila, I had my doubts and apprehension if the distribution of race packs will be orderly or the distribution will even push through at that because of the heavy rain.

At about 4:15pm today I arrived at the Bonifacio High Street and proceeded to ROX which was the published location for the distribution. I was re-directed by the guard to proceed to the square bounded by Nike and Krispy Kreme.

I was surprised that even with the heavy rain, there were more than enough staff from Finishline and Globe manning the tents and were actually in the process attending to the needs of the runners in their registration and collection process.

I got even a bigger surprise that the distribution line and procedure was systematic and hassle free. There was a designated tent for “on-line registrants” and those that registered with Globe Business Centres have also a designated tent. There was a designated table for those that have refunds to collect. For information of others, there was a P90.00 “over-charged” during the initial on-line registration. The refund was provided in cash with expediency. As for the P300 Globe Card there was also a designated tent and staff to handle the same.

Overall, I was able to collect my race pack in five (5) minutes and that was in heavy rain. Understandably, you need to equip yourself with your own umbrella or rain gear.

If what I have experience today will be their standard, I congratulate Finishline and Globe for handling this part of the race very well in deed. This is a great assurance that the race will go on rain or shine.

See you all at the starting line on Sunday, 19July09 at 5:00am


  1. Got my race kit from them this afternoon too. around 5pm. I was surprised that it was so orderly!

    The singlet isn't that bad as what others say. I love the texture of the cloth!

  2. Dear Gerard - It was a good surprise. And if I may add those manning the tents were all smiling and calling you by name not minding the rain. I hope they continue this performance.

  3. Thanks for the helpful info Sir Amado! I am deathly busy but am planning to get mine on Saturday. See you at the starting line!


  4. Glad you got your Globe Packets without a glitch, Sir Amado. Got mine too in a jiffy.:-)

  5. Dear Luis - Saturday should be good and the way they have been distributing the packs you need not worry.

    Dear Rene - I think you got yours faster than mine dahil I was still in line and you were already finished!

  6. i also got my race packet and singlet yesterday at 6pm easily. For option 1 registrants, we are entitled of a sim card and load. It runs out. that's the hassle because i'm coming from bulacan. babalik pa friday or saturday.

  7. Attention GLOBE - Ops! Hope this complaint does not happen on Friday and Saturday.

  8. We got ours at around 8pm last night and there's a crowd building up already on the last two tents(for those who registered at Globe BC.)..luckily, we're no. 2 on the line when the crowd started to build up. But I guess those manning the booth were able to manage, they were still accomodating and smiling despite some demands and complains from those behind us. And too bad, they ran out of 5k race packet when it was our turn, so we have to come back for my friend's after dinner.

    Thanks also to a guy (think he is from Globe) who overheard us talking about a concern - he approached us and asked what it's about...

  9. Dear Tin - There will always be issues/problems that will arise but it was nice to take note from your observation that those manning the tents were still smiling and accomodating which is the equalizing factor for customer service.

    Friday night I think will be influx for most runners. I hope they are ready for the surge of race pack collection.