Thursday, July 30, 2009

Marathon Training Software - TrainingPeaks tm

When I first planned for my first marathon I made sure that I complete the 16 weeks of preparation. However, the actual composition of my training was mainly composed of daily run between 10-15km five (5) times a week and with at least two (2) road races on weekends per month that I find myself entered into. On the practical side, this was augmented by training tips from veteran marathoners and or coaches as to their personal experience if and when circumstances allow a change meeting with these veteran runners/coaches.

With the above training plan, I was able to complete my very first, which was at the Los Angeles Marathon last May 25, 2009. The improvised/widowed training plan did work for whatever reason.

As I have entered myself for the Singapore Marathon scheduled on December 6, 2009. I have enough time to for the required 16 weeks of training preparation. I was contemplating on just using the same things that I have done in the past as mentioned above. However, the experimental nature in me wanted to seek other possible training plans. For this reason, I have surfed the web and found the website of TRAINING PEAKS “The Ultimate Training and Nutrition Software” whose website can be found at;

They provide software for different sport and cater on different levels. The Basic software they provide for FREE. However, it has limited functions. They do also provide Premium Edition, and you have to subscribe for certain time duration. Complete details can be found at;

The Training Plan is sold separately, and you will have a complete wide selection of plans that would satisfy and address your personal needs. Selection can be found at;

The good thing about the software is that it is compatible to most if not all the existing wrist monitors/computers i.e. Garmin, Polar, Timex, Suunto and others of the like.

I purchased the 2009 Runner's World Marathon Challenge for Intermediate Runners, by Runner's World. I already got the plan emailed to me and had the same applied to the desktop Personal Trainer Account. The plan also allows you to apply the program on whatever day/date you prefer and can as well be reinstalled and revised as you deem necessary. The program is delivered weekly. The Training Plan also comes along with a Meal Plan. With all the different analysis, reports, statistical views and others, I am now also having a grand marathon in understanding the different tabs and functionalities of the software that I think I might spend more time in the computer than in actual running.

Anyways, I have 16 weeks to work on my training and hopefully after completing the first 4 weeks I should be able to see if there was really a sense to what I bought. Check it out for yourself should such a training plan interest you.

I did not check if they have a refund for unsatisfied customer!

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