Saturday, August 1, 2009

My LSD - Her Finish Line

Today August 1, 2009 is my scheduled usual weekend long run. I woke up at 4:00am and looked out of my bedroom window to check on the weather condition and saw it was raining moderate to heavy. I contemplated for a couple of minutes arguing with myself if I shall continue as planned or just go back and sleep.

Something inside me was pushing my inner self to proceed even with the heavy rain. I dressed up immediately and filled my hydration backpack then off I went to Fort Bonifacio. Out of habit, I always park my car at the BHS southeast parking lot located at 11th avenue at the back of the GAP store. The guard on duty is already known to me by face whom I always notice to be the same guard for last one year that I have more or less been doing the same routine. We did our usual small talk, and he mentioned that it was raining heavily and if I am decided to take the run. I told him it was great to take a run on heavy rain and the good thing about today was that it was not cold even with the heavy rain as it was somewhere at 24-26 degrees centigrade.

At 4:55am I was off and running having no fix route to take and was just feeling my way where it would take me with only an intention of completing a distance of no shorter than 10km. I took a three quarter loop at the BHS then turned right at 11th avenue right at 26th street straight to Rizal avenue then u-turn at 3rd avenue all the way to 5th avenue. Upon reaching the junction connecting 5th street and Lawton avenue again something was pushing me to proceed my way to Heritage Park and with the heavy rain, I would have normally not opted to the urged but instead proceeded my way to Heritage Park.

When I was at Bayani road where they have the jeepney station I noticed there were cluster of groups listening to the radio. As I was trying to pass between the cluster of people I cannot but overhear their loud voices that “CORY AQUINO IS DEAD” It was around 5:30am and I late on found out that she died at 3:18am.

The first thing that came into my mind was to pray for her soul and thank God that she is no longer in pain and is now in his Kingdom. I continued my run passing the Heritage Park and due to tiredness just took a glance on the entry gate and saw quite a number of cars entering but did not give any meaning into it. Later, I found out that President Cory was brought from Makati Medical Center to The Heritage Park.

My run from thereon was mixed with flashbacks and memories as to the impact that the Lady contributed to the country and to the Filipino people in general. With these things playing in your mind the remainder of the run I did not notice the tiredness nor the time passing by. Upon reaching C5, I turned then proceeded all the way to 26th street then back to 11th street and ended my run for 12.09km in 01h32m06sec for an average speed of 7.9km/hr.

The day just would not be complete without the Lady getting back my attention. At about 4pm in the afternoon, I saw the remains of President Aquino passed by our condominium again giving me the distant opportunity to say goodbye to a Philippine Hero that I have personally witnessed in my life time.

President Corazon Aquino has reached the FINISH LINE in her marathon in this life. She had a great race, touching people’s lives not only here in the Philippines but all over the world. Not only did she had her PR "personal record" established it was as well a "Philippine Record."

Goodbye Tita Cory.


  1. I have seen you in some runs and your blog's address many times but this is the first time that I have actually read your post. And what a post to read! I agree that Tita Cory indeed set a Philippine Record which may also very well be considered a World Record. It must have been quite a memorable LSD...
    - Alfred

  2. Dear ALfred - It was indeed something to remember. Thank you for the visit.