Thursday, August 27, 2009

SingaporeMarathon 2009 - 50,000 Runners - Registration Closed

The Standard Chartered “Singapore Marathon 2009” which is schedule for December 6, 2009 opened its online registration last July 16, 2009. As of today August 27, 2009 all 50,000 slots have been taken up.

For a very small country like Singapore with a total population of only 4.6M which is only about a third of Metro Manila’s population of 11.5M it was able to fill-up 50,000 slots of registered runners in a period of 42 days is a record. Definitely a record in the region. How could they have done such a feat?

The only explanation I could think of is "Track Record" of its past performance. The event has attained credibility and standard in the manner the race has been conducted in the past. The race event reached the world class stature for a marathon. Mind you, a good number of these 50,000 runners are coming from the different parts of the world. This will not only boost the tourism in Singapore, but, will be a good source of revenue for their economy to jumpstart the coming of year 2010. If you visitthe Singapore Marathons' at website, although the main sponsors of the event are Standard Chartered Bank, the Singapore Government and different civic groups are as well involve not to mention individual volunteers to ensure success of the event and pride for the country. As the saying goes, if all will help there is no task that cannot be attained!

I hope and pray that in the Philippines we shall in the near future have an International Marathon of this stature and magnitude. I know it takes time, but, with the different marathons dubbed as international this coming October, I hope that even just one (why not all) would someday, hopefully in five years time will attain such stature. Let us all help and give our support.

Meantime, for those who have not yet registered and intend to participate in the Singapore Marathon, sorry guys as REGISTRATION IS CLOSED - 50,000 RUNNERS REGISTERED.


  1. how i wish the set up during the late 70s & 80s in the conduct of marathons in the philippines were not completely removed. the government involvement is a must if we want to have a successful event here. it pains my heart when i received negative response for support from the government to conduct the 1st BDM102 but with the support of friends like you, we were able to make it.

  2. Dear BR - There is always hope. It will be someday.