Monday, August 10, 2009

"adiZero Gram Challenge" - Busted

Further to my blog last 3Aug09 and wanting to find out the reality behind the ADIDAS “adiZero Gram Challenge”, I went today 10Aug09 at 4:30pm at the Adidas store in Greenbelt 3 Makati. Upon arrival I asked the salesmen in the store that I wish to take part in the challenge for both the “adiZero Aegis” for their trainer category and “adiZero Rocket” for the racing plats category.

As scaled adiZero AEGIS weight was 265 grams

As scaled ASICS Speedstar 3 weight was 248 grams lighter by 17 grams (winner)

As scaled adizero ROCKET weight was 194 grams

As scaled ASICS Piranha SP-2 weight was 116 grams lighter by 78 grams (winner)

According to the salesman the advertisement said that “bring in your running shoes for a weight-in, if they’re HEAVIER than 265g, we’ll give you up to 20% off your purchase of the ultra light adiZero Aegis, adiZero Boston or adizero Tempo.So gentlemen the challenge was “bring a heavier shoes” which is not a challenge at all! And on the same manner if you win over their product you get as well 20% discount, but why buy something that is heavier than what you already have?

ASICS are still far ahead in their shoe technology than the ADIDAS adizero producs on the real meaning of the word “challenge”. If you are at present intending to buy a new pair of running shoes and are not particular on the quality and technology then take the challege, bring your old shoes and get the 20% discount. Otherwise, you may want to consider the ASICS Speedstar-3 or ASICS Piranha SP-2.


  1. ASICS is still the No. 1 in running shoe technology. that is why i used them in my marathon (42K) races and BDM102. instead of 20% discount, adidas should have offered free shoes if you win in their adizero challenge. nice post!

  2. Sir Amado, where can I buy Asics Piranha? I like to use light weight shoes even on long runs (20k & above). Currently I have the NB RC130x. I would like to add the Piranha to my collection.

    Thanks for the info!


  3. Dear BR - I did notice you are an ASICS user.

    Dear Jet - Thanks for the visit.

    Dear Grey - Please visit

    (copy/paste to your browser)

    I had somebody from the states order the same by mail and in 24hrs it was delivered on a US Address and I had it sent to me by UPS and got it in 3days time after. Try getting other merchants that may accept credit card with Philippine billing address then you'll have lesser hazzle.

  4. sir amado, mukhang pinagpawisan ang staff ng adidas store sa challenge mo. =D

    sir jovie is right, dapat free pag mas magaang ang shoes na dala natin. or kahit 50%-75% discount man lang.

    as always. nice post, sir!

  5. Sir Amado, good post! I didn't know Asics was really number1 in running, I haven't tried them yet. They're also #1 as the most expensive shoes in the Philippines. But I hear they can be very cheap in the US. I haven't tried Adidas either. So maybe my next purchase would have to be Asics. Thank you sir!

  6. Wow 116 grams! Amazing!Guess the Adidas team needs to regroup a bit. Very nice post Sir Amado! :)

  7. Dear Rod - At that tome, it was the first time they had two shoes beat their products that the salemen then just have no words to explain particularly on the logic of the challenge.

    Dear Nats - Try them they are not really that expensive you could check sale items. I am just not sure what the store's name is but they carry the product Asics on stores loacated at ViraMall, Galleria and also in Glorietta. However, they are very cheap in the states with variety of selection and can be ordered on the web.

    Dear Luis - The Piranha SP-2 is the top of the line in racing plats and is in demand in the States.

  8. sir taga asics ka ba? asics mo parang kang nakapaa lang, ang tigas2X!!!!!

  9. are you a runner sir? your pics show that you're only walking, you're knees are not bent and you're legs are not high enough. i will recommend you to use flip flops if u want lighter footwear. yes asics piranha are lighter than the rocket but it has no support that runners need. i saw it and it has no torsion system that supports the natural twisting motion of our feet when we walk or run. and it has very low cushioning compared to the rocket. running shoes is not about the weight alone.

  10. Dear Guys - I think you are missing the point which is the "challenge was put forth on the weight" . Anyways, your comments will remain as they are and no need to use bad words and be personal as anyone and everyone is welcome to convey his comments/opinions.

  11. f u r professional runner u shud knw the diff between nuetral n stability shoes......and bsyd ur picture shows that u cnt run u cnt even lift ur legs...FYI adizero agies is light weight stability racing shoe....not a walking shoe

  12. ung asics nyo is only using E.V.A only, wat support can u get from there?!? as far as i know its not only the weight of the shoes are being promoted there,ksama n din ung technology ng shoes, yup i admit asics is lighter but what support can u get from it? tnx n more power!!!!

  13. thanks for the article and info sir. its very helpful to those educated runners whose concern is the shoe's weight.

    to those uneducated anonymous repliers, if this article is not for you, just shut up. btw, runners who dont need cushioning in their runs means they have a very nice running form and stride. so again, you uneducated repliers, shut up and just play basketball.

    Thanks again sir.