Monday, August 3, 2009

"adiZero Gram Challenge" - A Marketing Gimmick?

Earlier today 03Aug09 ManokanRunner (Jivoe Gavan) posted at the a post titled “Take the adiZero Gram Challenge” linkage on the post is as follows;

I knew I have more than a couple of running shoes that would stand the challenge and are lighter than 265 grams they are;

ASICS Piranha SP-2 (4.2 Oz or 119.07 grams)

ASICS GEL Hyper Speed -3 (6.5 Oz or 184.28 grams)

ASICS Speedstar-3 (8.8 Oz or 249.48 grams)

However, Chuck has commented on the post “Just wondering. If say you have shoes, which are already lighter than this Adidas model, then why would you want to buy the Adizero?”

Also Zixednatz followed with “Chuck, you've got a good point there. Just because you have a 20% discount doesn't mean you have to buy the heavier shoe. They don't make any sense...”

This is the best also by Chuck “Obviously, it's a marketing gimmick of Adidas. Runners with lighter shoes will naturally bring their shoes in and would want to get the discount... thinking that they "BEAT" Adidas' challenge.I won't buy the shoes but good strategy by Adidas.“

And to think I almost took hook, line and sinker! Thank you guys for getting me back into my senses.


  1. i know that you are also an ASICS die hard..just like me! so far, they are the best! BR

  2. Dear BR - I knew we have the same taste!