Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Iloilo Sports Complex

Last August 25, 2009, finding myself on a business trip at Iloilo City I took the opportunity to do my scheduled daily exercise at the Iloilo Sports Complex (ISC)

As I have been to the place a number of times in the past, finding my way was not a problem. The place is not on the main road itself so finding it for first timers might be a problem. The best transport means is just take a taxi which will not cost much considering it is within the nearby hotels. At 5:30am I was moving slowly and taking my time not wanting to arrive the place so early and desolated. Being an ordinary working day, I was expecting only a small crowd, however, to my surprise as early as it was there was no less than two hundred people in the complex!

Joggers/runners were using the oval, two tennis courts have double matches going on, two basketball games on both side ends of the field was on-going and a solitude swimmer was doing his lap practise at the swimming pool. To top it, there was great, loud music blaring at the sports complex sound system. The sound was of high quality and well defined bass giving much impact to the music being played. There was no need for an ipod here, the sound system more than compensate for the purpose.

Entry fee and usage of the oval field is P10.00 a very reasonable fee to cover for maintenance of the facility. The complex in itself is already old, however, the condition the facility is still good are well kept and in good order. The best that can be said of the place is its CLEANLINESS. How I wish the public users in Ultra Oval were the same as those in ISC.

Overall the place was GREAT. Room for improvement would probably be on the toilet facilities which as in any public places locally, lacks the necessary water supply for hygiene and cleanliness purposes.

To the Provincial Government of Iloilo, Congratulations for providing your community with a accessible and clean sports complex!


  1. you are right. the place is always clean and the music goes with the rythym if you are jogging/running along the oval track. but i did not realize that the entrance fee is 10 pesos per person. i think the guards did not dare to ask for the entrance fee from my "boys" when i was the commander of philippine army troops in western visayas. i want to admonish my men for not informing me. nice post!

  2. Dear BR - I am not so sure but I think the same as with Ultra Oval there are privileges given to senior citizen, personnels from the Armed Forces and National Police wherein they are afforded free usage of the facilities. So no need to admonish your men then.

  3. hello how many meters does ISC oval track has? may i know the length?