Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Memorabilia - Race Bibs and Finisher's Medals

In the past, I have kept my race bibs by pinning them in a wall together with my golf memorabilia, however, they have been increasing so much so that the collage effect was no longer effective and that I was doing an injustice to my golf memorabilia in covering them up. This is how they look before;

Hoping to separate golf with running and be able to preserve the race bibs for the races that I have participated, I decided to instead place them in a picture album which was bought at the National Bookstore for only P350.00 consisting of 200 slots that you could place your race bibs. I do not think I will be able to fill up the slots in my remaining running age!

For the little cost you can now preserve your race bibs which you can at your time of leisure go back and recall your agony/triumph for that particular event. My bib album now looks like this;

Also there are races wherein finisher's medals are given out. I was able to preserve five (5) medals into one frame costing only P150.00 and now is now proudly occupying a table top in one corner of my office and looks like this;

On very special races I have combined the race bib, timing tag and finisher's medal into one frame costing as well only P150.00 and looks very presentable and looks like this;

For P150.00 per frame I think it was a well disbursed expense to preserve a lasting memory of a marathon experience as the above.

I still have to solve my problem on race singlets that I have accumulated on the races that I have participated and hopefully will be able to find a cheap but presentable solution. Any suggestions and/or recommendations guys?


  1. What a great idea, Amado! Magaya nga . . .

    My singlets are all in one drawer of my cabinet. There's only a few since I only started running in July last year. My son wore them when he was metamorphosing from a boy to full manhood last summer. They were loose and long for him, covering his uncovered vital part.

  2. Dear Nora - I do also have my singlets in one drawer hoping to find a nice way to preserve them as a collection as I do not wear them anyway.

  3. that is a nice way to preserve your medals and bibs. I gave my singlets away as it's too many and filling up my closet. I just kept those that I can wear. take care

  4. Dear Dennis - Thanks for dropping by. See you on the road.

  5. This is very nice Sir Reinier. Thanks,you just gave me the idea how to preserve my bibs and medals. More power to you! =)

  6. Dear Steve - Thanks for dropping by and congratulations to your new blog and your first 42k.

  7. Hello Sir Amado!

    The P150 frame is a great find! May I ask where your source is? Thanks and see you at the races!

    Ray Abenojar