Sunday, July 26, 2009

Run with ME - Team Bald Runner

When Ateneo Management Engineering (ME) Alumni announced sometime in June that they shall be hosting a running event in celebration of the 40th year of ME and for the benefit of ME scholarship Fund, it opened a door of opportunity for me to ask Gen. Jovinal Narcise (Ret) to field two Team Bald Runners for the 5k Team Category and one single entry for both the individual 10K for male and female.

Team Bald Runner (A)

Jovinal Narcise
Jose Marie Javier
Anna Vargas
Gerald Sabal
Reynolds Ascura
Reynaldo De Los Reyes
Raul Lamprea
Rene Desoyo

Team Bald Runner (B)

Amado Castro
Saturnino Salazar
Michael Embuedo
Christian Dalida
Milbert Nabuab
Renier Antoque
Crifrankreadel Indapan

10 K Individual Event
Men – Alquin Bolivar
Female – Marecil Maquilan

On race day, it was great to see different teams from running clubs, communities and most specially varsity teams from UAAP entered and competing on the team events. The Far Eastern University Varsity Team who was champions from the last UAAP season was very prominent and intimidating in their warm-up.

Unlike the usual race events that you join on weekends, the Run for ME was a school organized event. You find yourself amidst blue blooded creatures of Ateneo. Mind you, all logistical arrangements were done by student/faculty/volunteers that you need to understand and provide leeway in holding such an event. For non professionals, I think they did general well. The route in itself is unique as it is confined only within the Ateneo ground. The only other university that I could think of that could be possible does just an event will be at the University of the Philippines, which is very obvious because of its vast university property.

Team Bald Runner performance resulted as follows;

1. 2nd Place Team Event – Team Bald Runner A (winner was FEU)
2. 4th Place Team Event – Team Bald Runner B (3rd was Marikina)
3. 2nd Place 10K Female Individual Event – Marecil Maquilan
4. 4th Place 10K Men Individual Event – Alquin Bolivar

To Jovie Narcise and Team Bald Runners, thank you for giving me the opportunity to run with you.


  1. wow, nice pics and post.
    how i wish that other personalities aside from you would volunteer on what a noble cause of being sponsor to an organized elite team like us.
    thank you sir for your generousity.
    mabuhay po kayo.

    coach salazar (team bald runner)

  2. Dear Coach Salazar - Thank you as well for allowing me to run with the group.

  3. Congrats S' Amado for a great run and for sponsoring the Team BR. You're such a generous and kind-hearted advocate of this sport, running.

    May your tribes increase more and more.

    God bless.

  4. sir amado, thank you for your full support to the elite team bald runner. you are one in a million among the corporate heads who has the generosity to spread their blessings to others who are in need. God bless!