Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tagaytay Highlands to Taal Lake Run

15K Route from Tagaytay Highlands to Flamengo Resort at Taal Lake

Ever since I got myself involved more and more on road races every Sundays of the week, my weekend out of town family hibernation has diminished so much so that the same has been an issue with my wife. However, this weekend was a non-negotiable must have out of town weekend.

During these out of town weekends, the family mainly spent it at our Tagaytay Highlands Woodridge abode. It is normally during these weekends that I shift my physical exercise to golf game. However, on this weekend I had other plans in mind which is a solo run from Tagaytay Highlands down to the Midlands and going to Flamengo Resort which is at Taal Lake.

Being a solo run, it was required of me to make necessary arrangements to ensure my safety and logistical requirements. Further, a transport arrangement going back was a must as I do not think I can manage going back on my own power and that I have no other to ask and pick me up at Taal Lake. The run will cover an estimated distance of 15Km of pure decent run all the way which will as well cover asphalt, cement , rough trail passing through outback barangays of Talisay and then along the national road of Talisay leading to Laurel Batangas.

On Saturday 04Jul09 I left Yellowstone Woodridge at Tagaytay Highlands at 5:22am with my hydration backpack and Garmin 405 to track my route and record training data. The Elevation at my starting point is 1950ft and will take me to sea level (0 ft) by the 10th kilometer and a flat run from the 10th to the 15th kilometer.

In pictures the following were the notable sights and experience of the run;

My Garmin 405 registered a distance of 14.99K having completed the run in 01h56m07s speed of 7.87Km/hr , pace 7.62 min/km and burning in the process 944kCal. It was a great weekend workout which has detoxed me of any stress, ailments and what have you ready again for a full week of work ahead.

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