Sunday, October 18, 2009

1st QCIM - Delivered As Promised

A few months back when QCIM was first announced, I have my reservation if I should partake on the said race on reasons that I have to spread myself evenly and be selective of the marathons and race events one after the other for the month of October and November. Today, I am glad that I did run the 21k for the 1st QCIM.

In a short and simple statement, it was a well organized, participated, supported marathon race event. I wish to extend my congratulations to the City Government of Quezon City, Runnex, Finish Line, the PNP support group, city public schools and the countless volunteer groups that has made the event a success and something to emulate. As promised and hyped, the event delivered the goods!

When I was discussing marathon organization with Bald Runner (Gen.Jovinal Narcise), he has emphasized that one important aspect in the equation in organization of a running event to guarantee its success is to have the GOVERNMENT involve on the project. The government have vast resources at its hand to ensure support from all sectors. Only after the government’s involvement will the private corporations be tapped to polish the commercial needs of the event. To tap the cake with icing, it is of course you need a worthy organizer who knows what running is all about. A tri-partite effort is necessary and this is exactly what did happened win the 1st QCIM. It has definitely had its labour pains during the process, but, to think that this is only the 1st, the standard it has achieve on the 1st year which is already of International Standard will easily improved with the experience gained and as the years continue (hopefully there will more years in its existence)

The route was GREAT imagine 8 lanes of Commonwealth Avenue free from traffic is all for the runners delight. For the full marathon, an added trill was even the coverage of the La Mesa Dam eco-park. QCIM did have the full backing of the City Police Stations, mobile cars, patrols, PNP officers and ranks. They were all over to handle security and traffic issues. This I think was the primary reason why was the route was free from vehicles. Added to these, are numerous marshals stationed on all intersection.

Water Stations, aid stations, providing 100plus, muscle pain, water sprinklers from fire trucks, were positioned in strategic location. Another welcome participations were the five (5) schools bands with the majorettes. I wish to make special mention of the high school students that were stationed at Commonwealth Avenue and Don Antonio who were so energetic in their cheers and smiles. The young girls and boys were an instant relief to watch.

The area within circle and Mindanao avenue was like having a fiesta at hand that you have people on the street and walking about while watching the runners. Parking was not a problem which was free and had guards stationed in the parking area.

Congratulations to the Kenyans who were expected to win and did delivered to lift the running standard of the event. Not to be outdone, congratulations as well to the Filipino elite runners that won, Cris Sabal was again at his best. To all the runners, congratulations for your participation. Runnex and Finish Line you did a good job.

Lastly to the City Government, PNP and the community sectors of Quezon City please take a bow!


  1. a great race indeed sir amado! congrats to the QCIM organizers! job well done!

  2. It was really an awesome race Sir 'Mads! The atmosphere was just so festive, thanks to all the bands scattered along the route and the different barangay delegations who were handing out fruits and water. They really reminded me of our group back in Milo. :-)

    It was an honor sharing the road with you Sir! See you on the road! :-)

  3. "it can be done!" this is what i wished for to bring back the glory of running during the late 70s & 80s when the ministry of youth & sports development (mysd) was at the forefront in organizing the manila international marathon and other significant road races to honor our heroes. qicm is something to be proud of! congrats to the city government & leadership of quezon city; to the race organizers; and to the runners!

  4. Dear Daytripper1021 - Thanks for the visit if the 1021 represents 21Oct let me greet you a happy birthday!!

    Dear Parkie - Cheering do make a lot of difference particularly if you are the runner.

    Dear BR - Yours are words of wisdom out of expierence! Thanks BR for sharing your views.