Wednesday, October 21, 2009

21km KOTR / SIM - Torn Between Two Lovers

When announcement was made that the 21k category for the Subic International Marathon and the Adidas “King Of The Road” will both be held on 25Oct09, I told myself that it is going to be a difficult choice to make as both race events are great and have their own pros and cons.

Just life a lover torn between two beautiful ladies, I registered for both the 21km category for both races. I knew I can only participant in one race, but, I did register for both to allow myself enough time to contemplate and make a last minute decision as to which event to attend. Anyways, the one that I will not select I shall have a souvenir singlet and race bib to keep.

With only 4days remaining before the event, I have to make a difficult decision today. I have in the end decided to participate in the SUBIC INTERNATIONAL MARATHON 21km category as against the Adidas KOTR. Whilst the choice of SIM was not favourable in terms of travel, contingency expenses and time. It did offered a positive mark as the event is an International event as compared to KOTR. Further, the KOTR fiasco on the race packet distribution and handling of the so called “running expo” was downer that cast doubts as to actual race handling of KOTR.

Regardless of my reasons, I still PRAY for the SUCCESS of both events KOTR and SIM for the ultimate satisfaction and content of the running community as a whole.

As for the SIM, I intend to bring my family for an overnight stay at Subic on Saturday 24Oct09 and make the most of the visit in Subic to check out the different facilities and attractions. This will also allow me to be fresh and ready on 25Oct09 at 530am which is the gun start for the 21km.

Subic here I come!


  1. see you in subic sir amado! :) it will be my "comeback race" of some sort as i was sidelined last weekend for the QCIM :(

    good luck to us!

  2. hi amado,

    good choice! now you can compare SIM with QCIM. too bad, i won't be able to join it. nice meeting you at QCIM.

    i wish you a fine racing day at SIM.

  3. Hello Sir Amado,

    I think you made a great choice! See you at Remy Field!

    Ray Abenojar

  4. Dear Timmy - Great to know that you will be there! A jolly person in Subic!

    Dear Nestor - Nice to meet you at QCIM. Am eager as well to compare both.

    Dear Ray - See you as well in Subic! I hope we all have a good race.