Tuesday, October 6, 2009

33rd Milo Marathon - Reinier Pacific and Takbo.ph Volunteer Aid Station

Come Sunday 11Oct09, REINIER PACIFIC and TAKBO.PH will serve as an official volunteer AID STATION during the 33rd Finals of the MILO NATIONAL MARATHON to serve the 42K and 21K runners. The aid station will be situated along SEN.GIL PUYAT AVENUE (formerly Buendia) just off the crossing of CHINO ROCES AVENUE (former name is Pasong Tamo).

The aid station shall provide to ALL runners of 42k and 21k services listed below at its fastest and efficient ways without sacrificing TIME. Runners can allocate a “PIT STOP” of no more than 15-30 seconds that would help a long way to ensure they be able to relieved themselves of muscle pains, apply lubricants and intake of solid food for fuel. The following will be provided at the aid station;

- 20 service bays for spraying of Methyl Salicylate Camphor+Menthol (Efficascent Oil)
- Petroleum Jelly for skin lubricants to avoid skin chaffing
- Leg massage (if requested)non-professional method best effort only.
- Banana
- Apple
- Orange
- No liquid supply will be provided at this station as this matter will be addressed by water stations along the route.
- Lastly staff of REINIER PACIFIC and members of TAKBO.PH community will provide the encouragement and full attention. A guaranteed SMILE and ENCOURAGING WORDS will the main serving for the day.
- Runners for 21K shall pass the Aid Station once, and for the 42K runners they will have two opportunities to pass the paid station, 1st on their way to the Fort and then on their return from the Fort.

REINIER PACIFIC and TAKBO.PH wish to thank the sponsors NESTLE for giving the group the opportunity to share and serve the runners of the 33rd MILO NATIONAL MARATHON FINALS.

To all volunteers, call time will be at 3:30am to set-up the logistical requirements for the aid station. Come with a lot of stored smiles and encouraging words!

To the 42k and 21k runners, WE LOOK FORWARD TO SERVE YOU.


  1. Sir Amado, see you there! :-)

  2. Dear Natz - Looking forward to see you on Sunday!

  3. this is a nice idea and commendable assistance to the runners. i hope more corporate/running groups would also put up their respective aid stations in marathon races held in metro manila. see you this sunday!

  4. Dear BR - Thanks for your kind words. We look forward to see you on SUnday when you pass by.