Sunday, October 11, 2009

33rd Milo Marathon Finals - Reinier Pacific / Volunteer Aid Station

Reinier Pacific and were the designated official volunteer Aid Station at the 33rd Milo National Marathon Final today 11Oct09.

The Aid Station was positioned along Sen.Gil Puyat Avenue just off the Chino Roces junction. Members from both groups were already manning the station by 04:30 ready to receive the 42k and 21k runners.

Much can be said from the experience gained by each member of the service team, however, we had only one unified wish and that was to be able to encourage, push, and welcome runners as they pass the aid station. We hope that our smiles and cheers were as refreshing as the bananas, apples, oranges, petroleum jelly and efficascent oil that were served and even to those that have requested the leg massage service, we hope to have given you a welcome relief.

Making sure that we leave the place as clean as it was before the servicing of the runners, trashes and litters were collected and bagged. At 830am with the traffic at Sen. Gil Puyat given the signal by the marshals to be opened, the Reinier Pacific / Aid Station was closed.

Thank you to Nestle for allowing the group to be of service. And to all the runners, you were all winners in your own rights!


  1. hi ninong mads, your cheers and encouragement were definitely a welcome sight for the runners! it worked so much for me that i ran my best 21k yesterday..keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Sir Amado and peeps,

    Thanks! I was one of the 42k runners who passed by the aid station.. it was awesome!! at least i forgot about my "tiring legs" for the time being especially on the way back to luneta... wish to have that kind of aid stations in all of our weekend races..

  3. Thanks for the aid station! It was realy a welcome site. I was running 21k and had bananas c/o the aid station. Your cheers were very encouraging as wel. Thank u!

  4. as i mentioned in my blog/post, this is an initiative from a runner who experienced a marathon race abroad and have his observation applied to the races in the country. god bless & thanks for the cheers, fruits, muscle pain spray and the smiles from the volunteers. nice job!

  5. Dear Deanno - Congrats to your best 21k finish! Give my regards to your Dad, I miss playing golf with him.

    Dear Junrox - It was our pleasure to serve you guys!

    Dear Daytripper- Thank you as well to you guys!

    Dear BR - Thanks for the kind words! Its adaptng what good things you experience abroad to the local scenario.

  6. Thank you for making the aid station happen!

    It really made me overcome one of the most difficult parts of the race for me on my way to the finish line. I even had to say no to some nice people there because I had enough fruits from your station.

    I hope your example will be emulated by others hoping to "encourage, push and welcome" runners. You definitely did that for me on that very challenging and fun day!

    So, congratulations to you, too!

  7. Hi Sir Amado,

    I'm Parkie, one of the volunteers last Sunday. 'Just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to be part of this great initiative of yours. It was truly a one of a kind experience!

    Salamat po at sa uulitin! See you on the road! :-)

  8. Hi Sir Amado,

    Thank you for this initiative. The cheers and the smiles gave me the final push towards Km. 0 to finish my 21k.

    Oh, the efficacent spray helped relaxed my quads and calf muscles - I crossed the finished line without experiencing any cramps.

    Lastly, Masarap yung saging sa aid station, matamis!

    Eric A.

  9. Sir!

    Thanks for the breakfast and VIP treatment lunch! We had a blast. I hope we can have more like this in the future!

    The Running Ninja

  10. Dear Alfred - we have as well experience in the past how a simple "words of encouragement" goes a long way for a runner. Thanks.

    Dear Parkie - You and all group have that inspiring smiles and jokes to keep all of us lively.

    Dear Eric - Your testimonial and words of appreciation is greatly appreciated by the group.

    Dear Sam - Thanks to you and the whole group we really did have a blast.

  11. sir amado,

    thank u for making this event happen...pacencia na po sa kakulitan namin pero saludo po ako sa inyo! kelan po ito mauulit?

  12. Dear Marc - We should be the one to thank you for the energy and fun you injected the group in the way you serve the runners. You may want to consider a second job in a massage parlor! joke only.

  13. It was an awesome initiative Sir Amado, I never knew one would have so much fun peeling bananas and picking up trash on the road :) It's refreshing to see things on the other side of the fence for once :) Thank you for setting it up! :)

  14. Dear Luis - In life service is an inportant part for personal growth. You and Jinoe can consider a second job with MMDA!