Thursday, October 8, 2009

My EDSA and C5 Runs - A Matter of Pollution and Safety

Since Friday last week 02Oct09, I have not been to my regular daily run at the Ultra Oval as the PSC (Ultra) Sports Complex has been transformed into an evacuation center for the “ONDOY” flood victims. Initially there were not many evacuees. However, since the nearby public schools in Pasig have been opened again for classes, more and more evacuees have been relocated at the PSC Complex in Pasig.

As a result of the above, I had no other option but use my usual weekend running routes at Fort Bonifacio. However, on weekdays, I find for me to go to Fort Bonifacio is too demanding due to travel time and the traffic I have to traverse on the way.

It was on Tuesday afternoon at 4pm I tried a new route (EDSA, Pioneer, Ortigas business area, C5 and Valle Verde area) as pictured above which covered a distance of 10.65km which took me 01h21m02s. It was a great route, but, I do not recommend the route particularly on an afternoon or early evening as there are a lot of vehicles on the road and the SMOKE POLLUTION was really so bad that you will feel suffocated. After my run, I was high on carbon monoxide inhalation.

On Wednesday, still feeling the effects of the smoke inhalation from the run of the previous day, I decided to take a rest day to recuperate.

Today Thursday 08Oct09, I told myself that I better try the morning run so that there will be less smoke pollution on the road. So at 5am with light rain I tried another route mainly taking myself to EDSA until Camp Aguinaldo then to C5 and back to EDSA. Route is as pictured above. True indeed that the morning run particularly with rain showers has very minimal smoke pollution making it satisfactorily acceptable. However, the down side of the morning run particularly using EDSA and C5 was the SAFETY FACTOR as the buses and taxis just do not care, passing you only by inches, that the only way to run safely is on the sidewalks without using the road itself. The route was 11.02km which took me 01h32m07s using the sidewalks. On this run, I think I learned how to dance “TINIKLING” with my swerving form road to sidewalk to gutter to road.

Both runs has taught me that smoke pollution and safety consideration weights heavier that the travel distance I have to make to Fort Bonifacio. Tomorrow, I think I will just have to accept the travel time and head back to Fort Bonifacio area.


  1. your routes are good and challenging. i've also been running on those routes and i am extra careful to run "against the traffic" and along the sidewalk.

  2. Dear BR - Thanks for the advice. BTW I forgot to mention the buses in Guadalupe and Crossing areas are trigger happy with their horns! They are really very loud and annoying.