Sunday, February 7, 2010

Condura Run 2010 - Reinier Paciic Volunteer Aid Station

For the 3rd time, and Reinier Pacific joined hands to provide a Volunteer Aid Station at the Condura Run 2010. With the purpose only of being able to serve the running community, Jinoe Gavan and I offered our voluntary services to the Concepcion brothers Ton and Patrick, who as runners themselves and could identify to the service motivation of the group.

The Volunteer Aid Station was positioned along Sen.Gil Puyat Avenue just after Chino Roces Street at Makati City. The service menu for the aid station consist of, providing 3000 pieces of BANANA to all INBOUND runners of 21k/42k, 5 bays of liniment spray with massage (on request as needed), 36 member Drums and Lyre Band (Sta Rosa Pasig) and an overflowing cheers and words of encouragement.

The Team arrived the scene of action at 3am to give sufficient time to receive/install the logistical needs such as tables, tarps, streamers, garbage bins, delivery of bananas and other bits and pieces that are essential for the operation of the aid station. As previously agreed upon, we set-up the tables on the “westbound” side of Sen. Gil Puyat making use of the inner most lane. When Jinoe and Que of arrived, I was so touched to see that posters for “first time” marathon runners and even season runners of who were prepared with their own individual unique posters to give words and signs of encouragement. Such a sincere show of support and camaraderie is a trade mark of the running community.

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Just when things were in-place, a race marshal comes and informed the team that we are to use the “outerlane” of the “westbound” portion of the avenue! This was also just about the same time that the lead pack of the 42k runners when approaching. With no alternative, the team dismantled the set-up and repositioned the tables, supplies, streamers, and what have you on the opposite side of the road. I still do not know how to analyse it , but, what took us initially to install for about an hour was repositioned and re-installed in 10 minutes! That’s what I could only surmise as adaptability to situation. My regret of this sudden change was that the original postings of the “unique posters” which were nicely laid out was disturbed and we could not get a better area of posting so much so that we have to make do and place some of them on the road itself. I hope those guys whose names were there were able to take notice of their names.

On a running event, the celebrities are the runners themselves. Each individual runner has his/her own story and moments of experience. And if you yourself is a runner, you then will be able to identify yourself on the faces, of the different runners as they pass-by with you only at the sideline. I could not compose words to give justice to the scene I have seen. Instead, I just wish to share with you raw and unedited pictures taken of the runners, team, supporters and captivating scenes at the aid station. Take a look and if you are on the picture, please feel free to just grab it. There are other pictures, taken from the camera of Jinoe which I know he shall also share with the public. andRenier Pacifi Volunteer Aid Station

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At 9m as planned, we close the services of the aid station and packed-up.

Overall, we thank the Ton and Patrick Concepcion for giving us the opportunity to serve the runners at the Condura Run 2010. To the runners, we hope to have been able to inspire and serve you. For whatever shortcoming we may have, bahala na kayo ang mag-puno!

Salamat po!


  1. Thank you for the banana, liniment and massage. That gave me fresh legs to help me finish my first marathon.


  2. Sir Amado,

    Congratulations for another successful venture!

  3. and the award for the BEST AID STATION goes to... definitely the liveliest aid station in the whole 42k route. i noticed our pace picked up during our first pass, and the band is still at it on our second pass around 8am. it was also the only station that gave out bananas and other extras. a real lifesaver. thank you!

  4. thank you so much for the aid station! it really brought a smile to my face. thanks also to the volunteers!

  5. Thank you very much sir amado. Congratulations to your team! You're such a great help! The encouragement and cheers kept us going! Maraming maraming salamat sa inyo lahat! God bless you and more power to you guys!

  6. Hi Sir Amado,
    The aid station of and Reiner Pacific- rocks!
    I was surprised that there were bananas, water and spray liniments for the runners.
    But the most I cherished are the happy faces I saw that made me run some more when my legs are weary.

    Thank you so much- Btw, I got the opportunity to handshake with you on my way back to the finish line- I dunno if you remember.


  7. thanks po Sir Amado! I don't know if u remember me but i shook your hand while you were holding your camera/tripod while I introduced myself.

    it was nice seeing u, finally! :)

  8. Sir Amado
    let me tell you that i am so honored and happy to have you and the entire supporting the condura run. i have received so many happy comments on how you really helped the runners. i am so impressed with the sheer enthusiasm of the group. the bananas, the linaments, the awesome bands with the waiving flags. the trash cans. perfect. i am so happy that we share the same vision. the runners are the celebs. they are the stars! you did a great job because you love running and are passionate about running. it really feels good to make runners happy! i would like to take this opportunity to suggest that we tie up together to have more aid stations! thank you again for making this event so memorable to the runners. in behalf of all the runners - MARAMING SALAMAT PO. TAKBO.PH ROCKS!!!

  9. thanks for the motorcylce shot! that was my consolation for not being able to run. it was too much fun watching the runners run and making sure that all the hydration stops were perfect.

  10. maraming salamat was indeed a great KUDOS to you and the the whole support team!


  11. Thanks for the station, i DNFd this race last year and your cheers and support gave me a boost to come back strong.
    Congrats ninong amado, what you are doing surely brings local running up a few levels! Here's to Condura as well for one of the best races in the country.

  12. The water and aid stations were so helpful. Thank you so much! More power to you and the whole support team.


  13. Wow Thank you for doing this. I did not know that everything in this aid station was volunteered. Thank you so much.

  14. you have the best and biggest bananas for a marathon race that i've experienced! congrats to you, jinoe, and to the rest of the takbo peeps who volunteered. thanks & god bless!

  15. It was really fun and your group was so lively. Thank you for your support. Kudos to you, the staff, the band, and to volunteers. You may not be running, but when it comes to posting, a PR! ;) Maraming salamat!

  16. Sir Amado,

    Thank you and it was a job well done in the aid station!!!

    By the way Tiffin and I would like to grab the pictures you took of us.

    Thank you po.

    Regards Mark & Tiffin

  17. Sir Amado,

    Thank you very much the support you always give to the running community! Your support will continue to give inspiration to the runners who are new to the sport.

    Keep up the good work sir!

  18. The Bananas came at the perfect time for me! salamat!! Thanks so much for volunteering you guys did a great job and I hope to see you in future races.

    L chick

  19. Thank you sir for the help. The banana was so yummy! and the massage was great. 'till next run and keep up the good work. :D

  20. Dear Fellow Runners,

    Thank you very much for the kind and inspirational words. We return all glory and praises to God and pray for his blessings so that we could have the means, resources and guidance to serve the running community on future events.

    Maraming Salamat po!

  21. i had a great time supporting the runners! :D will definitely do this again :D thanks, sir amado, looking forward to the next aid station! :D

  22. Thanks for your support. You and your team were great. Appreciate your big bananas. Cheers!