Sunday, February 14, 2010

PSC/FCAAF - Run For Your Heart

Considering that my home grounds for my daily work-out is at the ULTRA, I deem it was my duty to support the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) and the Filipino Chinese Amateur Athletic Federation (FCAAF) running event which they have dubbed as “Run For the Heart”. The event is a joint celebration for the 20th anniversary of the PSC, a Valentine’s Day Run, and in celebration of the Chinese New Year which all fall on the same day, February 14th.

With so many race events every week, most of which we could classify as commercialized although they have charitable institutions or advocacy to support, there are but only a handful in a year that the sponsorship of a race event is being hosted by a government agency. The PSC “Run For The Heart” can be considered a simple run event with nothing much or fancy to expect on the commercial point of view for a running event. The event was held at Luneta grounds using Roxas Boulevard on all its race categories with the starting line at the Rizal Monument kilometer marker “0” and the finish line at the Quirino Grandstand. The event has three categories, 3k which is on FREE registration (you do not see anything free these days), 5K at P100 and 10K at P200. This I think will be one of if not the cheapest run when you consider registration fee. Of course when I registered, I got only a race bib although a finisher’s T-shirt can be collected upon completion of the race.

The Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines was the special guest of honour and gave a short significant Chinese new year message. Officials of PSC led by Mr. Ang Ping and those from FCAAF were at hand for a photo opportunity prior to the gun start. The race started as schedule and on time at 6:00am.

There is nothing significant on the race route as it is one of the most common race route if and ever the venue was at Roxas Boulevard. However, today was a special day considering it is “Valentines’ Day” and “Chinese New Year” so my attention was focused on the side line. It was a heart warming thing to witness individuals, couples, groups and families just enjoying a leisure stroll along the baywalk area. I am happy to see a great number of them enjoying the simplicity of life in itself. After the race, I even saw that on a certain portion of the Luneta grounds and aerobic class was ongoing for the general public. It is nice to see that Filipinos are more health conscious these days.

I finished the 10k run in 59m11s and was given a notification tag that I crossed the finish line being number 206th. Complete details and data of my run is posted hereunder:

I take this opportunity to congratulate PSC and FCAAF for giving the general public a good event, something affordable to all and even free for 3K participants. It was a good morning to celebrate 20th year of PSC, Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year. Nothing is better than a good morning run to start a celebration!


  1. this is a significant event as the government is coming up with their own road race. although psc is one year late in this effort, i hope they will continue doing this. in the past, it was the government, through the ministry of youth & sports development, which conducted regular road races in the country and corporate entities were on a support mode through financial and material donations. nice post!

  2. Dear BR - Congratulations on you historical run to Baguio! Iba ka!

  3. Yes Sir, indeed this is a GOOD RACE, for a P100 registration fee i did not expect anything BUT they give EVERYTHING, though not so sosyaling freebies but giving it with smile in their face is MUCH MUCH more worth it..Congratulations to the all! ^_^