Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tribute To A Daughter

As I was preparing this blog posting, I had double thoughts if I should post this item on my running blog as the subject matter is not about running or sports related. The subject matter concerns more of family and life itself. However, I am just going through with this posting so that at least readers will also see me on a different angle of life, that of being a father.

Yes, life is not all about running, work, business, but, a great deal is also about family life. Tomorrow, February 10th will be the 33rd birthday of my only daughter (eldest is a 36 year old son and youngest is 11 year old son). This posting is to greet and honour her on her natal day. She is a practising medical physician in Moreno Valley in California USA and has now a life of her own.

As a father, I wish to dedicate this video clip as a sign of my love for her and hope that you parents out there young or old will be able to identify yourselves.

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