Thursday, February 25, 2010

Running Sick - Road to Recovery

After running sick with cough and colds last Sunday at the Century Tuna Superbods Run as expected I have but only myself to blame for my health condition and it was payback time for abusing my body. I did not feel the pain and the misery immediately, it was only in the evening of Sunday that I could not breathe with my running nose and I was coughing heavily causing my body to jerk with each cough with radiating pain on the ribcage.

Monday morning came, Tuesday came and then Wednesday came with more or less the same condition. It was only in the evening of Wednesday that I felt my body has weathered the flu condition and is already on its way to recovery.

During these period I have missed three days of early morning workout which has been second to longest for the past three years. The longest being that of late January last year when I had my angioplasty in which I missed ten (10) consecutive days of early morning workout.

At 4:30am I was already at ULTRA, but, after alighting from my car I noticed the billboard announcement that the oval will be closed from 23-27th February to give way for the NCAA football events. I had my second thoughts if I should pursue my recovery run or postpone it for another day. Thinking that if I do postpone the run it will be more difficult on my part to convince my body to go back to my regular routine, I decided to proceed to Fort Bonifacio where I would do my recovery run.

At 4:45am I was already at Fort Bonifacio and told myself that I shall only do a 6km run to ensure that I do not have a relapse of my condition and just to allow my body to adjust. 42m30s after I have completed a 6.02km run and I was sweating heavily. I felt I could do additional mileage, but, fought the temptation instead and stocked to my original plan.

After the run, I was convince that I was on my road to recovery. You could feel the body talk to the mind.

Lesson to learn, when you are sick you are sick do not force the issue there will be other days to run allow your body to be your barometer to gauge you fitness and not your mind which in most cases will always overrule the state of the body.

See you on Sunday at Takbo Para Sa Kalikasan year 11 at Roxas Boulevard.

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