Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fighting The Temptation Of Laziness And Boredom

As in any task or endeavor a major factor to consider as time passes by is burned-out or falling into the monotony and rigors of the task. In my three years of running I have learned to fight the temptation mainly by setting new goals and target on a quarterly basis in a year, which assures me of a continued flame to drive my motivation for a specific task. This is what I would call a TRAINING PLAN. And a TP should have a specific GOAL for the purpose of assessment at the end of the TP for evaluation purposes.

However, on a daily basis another type of obstacle will surely strike a runner when he lease expect it most during TP time. This if left unchecked will be a sure cause for fallout and failure of implementation of a training plan and failure of the goal set forth.  These are the TEMPTATIONS of LAZINESS and BOREDOM arising from doing certain task. These temptations become more pronounced during hot weather, bad/bed weather and time constraints of each person’s individual social and business life.

One solution I have found very effective to fight these temptations is to make varied running routes to lit up the excitement in ones self and for the time factor the only straight forward solution is FIND TIME.

Today was one of those temptation mornings for me. Having not registered in any weekend road race, the next best thing was to find an alternative running route. It was then that I decided to run at the Cultural Center of the Philippines complex and the Roxas Boulevard boardwalk. I the past I have found this route very interesting and full of Sunday strollers and with the wind of Manila Bay it would greatly reduce the temperature to more bearable run.

At 5:03 I was already on my run, which took me first within the CCP complex before proceeding to Roxas Boulevard all the way to Quirino Grandstand and back to CCP complex. On my return route just after the US Embassy, I noticed that there we quite a number of swimmers. It was a great surprise, as I know that swimming in Manila Bay has been prohibited due to the polluted waters, but apparently those swimming in the area were not following this.  At around 6:25am I was already back where I parked my car. I made 10.51km in 01h18m18s.

Another successful struggle in fighting the temptation of laziness and boredom.


  1. I fall into those too Sir Amado. And yes, a new training plan is often the answer to it. Nice share and hope to see you on the road soon!

  2. Dear Luis - have not seen you for quite sometime. See you!